Help in matching...

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  1. I have a "maggot":shame: to me it's underlying matching the bag with shoes and belt.
    Well, the Suhali Veronne causes me some problems: is not simple to find that shade of gray and I cannot buy a LV pair of suhali pumps!

    :confused1:So, in your opinion, what are the best colours do you think I can match with a Veronne bag?

  2. foe me good old classic black and white :lol:
  3. if u cant find somthing to exactly match then go the opposite so it looks like it was on purpose anyway
  4. Ciao Stephanie! It's a pleasure to meet another Italian lady! :flowers:
    For me, I'd go with classic can never go wrong with it! :yes:
  5. I agree, black would be great with verone!
  6. yup, I agree...I think black would look great with verone!
  7. rose/pink will be cute too~ it all depends on what look you stride for :smile:
  8. I'd suggest a cool color, a deep navy or black. Even a dark gray as long as it's not close in color so it doesn't appear that you just couldn't quite match. I think the right shade of blue though would be stunning.... (like Opi's Russian Navy polish!)
  9. On what not to wear on TLC which I love...they say it's not important to match your shoes and bag so I agree with everyone go for the opposite or something with a bold color or your classic black.
  10. suede or patent black is nice!
  11. Thanks girls... I never thought to match my Veronne with black... but now I'm thinking about it... I don't know how I didn't think about it!
    And also rose!!!

    I think it's better NEVER match Veronne with natural cowhide, dark brown...