Help in finding a certain Fendi bag.

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  1. Hi,

    My girlfriend wanted this Fendi denim bag which was available on Nordstrom's website. I want to get this handbag for her but Nordstrom doesn't have it on their website anymore. Sadly, the only description I can provide you is it was denim (light denim sort of) and was seen around 4 months ago on their website. If any of you ladies can help me identify that bag and maybe name a store that possibly has it, I will very much appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. Saks has got the new denim spy out which is pre-order and will not be available till next year, I think the one your girlfriend wanted was the denim strip one, they had them on sale at Saks but do not think they have any left. do not know of another site that has them think they are sold out. You could try ringing Saks and asking for a Denim Fendi Spy bag and seeing if they have any left
  3. Was it light blue denim? Because the one I'm looking for is. Another possible detail I remember about it is having two pockets in the front.
  4. no that was not the one I am thinking off. I do not know the one you mean perhaps someone else will know it and come along
  5. It could have been the denim sweet tube bag: Did it look like this except in denim?

  6. Unfortunately, that's not it. It has two pockets in the front IIRC.
  7. Hi Reggie, I'd try browsing sights like and where they have a bunch of Fendi bags listed. The one you're looking for might be amongs them. Good luck!
  8. Saich2, you're so cute!! I went straight into thinking that it was the spy too! LOL! :nuts:
  9. Any other suggetstions? It's light blue/ faded denim with the typical "F" Fendi logo all over the bag. Has two big pockets in the front.
  10. are you sure it is fendi and not LV[​IMG]
  11. Was it in the shape of a "mama bag" in other words the larger of the baugettes?
    If so I remember seeing one at Saks 3 months ago. It went on sale 40% off.
    It was light blue denim with FF logo it had silver hardware. I just saw the link you posted of the baguette. The bag looked like that but larger.
  12. This is a pic of a very good fake but the only one I could find that was this style of handbag. Fendi did make it but the pockets and the strap were smaller. I never saw it in denim, i know it came in the black, red, yellow. The outlets may be getting more of them in soon. Hopefully this is the right bg. I can't think of any others with pockets on the front that would also be logo.

  13. Yes, it is quite something similar as the LV. I'm sure it was a Fendi since my gf was telling me about it a lot of times. She even showed it to me when it was still on Nordstrom's website. Janice, any chance of having a picture of that "mama" bag? Are there any other light blue denim Fendi bags?