Help! In desperate need of a funkylala code!

  1. Sorry, I know I posted for this a while back, but I really need one! Help! TIA!!
  2. Hey chick! Wish I could help you out but funkylala apparently doesnt do codes. Too bad, they had some cute Rebecca Minkoff bags that other online retailers didnt have, like the purple morning after hobo

  3. Sorry purseinsanity....this is one site for which I don't recall ever seeing a coupon! And I have searched endlessly!!! In addition, I've written to them three times now simply to inquire about price matching and coupons, but to date they haven't responded. Because I tend to never give up(er...uh...I bug the hell out of them!!HEHE!), I emailed them again last, we'll see if I hear anything today. Have you tried to find the item elsewhere...maybe at a more customer-friendly store??
  4. I just received a reply from Funkylala. As I suspected, there are no coupon codes, nor do they offer a discount to new customers!!