help in color selection please :)

  1. Since I can rarely see MJ bags in person much where I'm from, wanted opinions from those of you who may have a brown bag. I have seen the current brown color out in the multipocket (cocoa I think?) how does this color compare to rust and bark? I am looking for a darker brown bag but doesnt have to be super dark. I already have a bag in a camel type color so looking for something definetly darker. Simply looking for descriptions in how they compare :smile: I have checked the leather/thread variations.. thanks
  2. I think bark is probably the darkest, and my favorite. I have a tendency to like colors with red undertones, and you can't beat the burgundy suede lining.

    As for rust and cocoa, they're probably similar although I've never seen them next to each other. I don't like rust too much because of the white polymer glue/trim on the leather. The contrast doesn't work for me.