Help in Choosing Next LV?!?

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  1. HeLp!! I am so Undecided...I was in LuV with the Galliera Gm until I saw it!! I felt it would be a pain..DaRn!! What do you think of Verona..Tivoli..Batignolles H or the Neverful? HeLp =)
  2. My favorite is the galliera... It is such a comfy bag. Way more then the BH. I had a BH and I just sold it.

    If you really do not like the galliera then my next favorite would be the neverfull
  3. Thanx! Do U have the GM?
  4. i also love the galliera, so would say go for it...otherwise the tivoli gm
  5. I say go for the NF.
  6. Gosh Guyz! U make me want them ALL!! lol Hmm

  7. No I have the PM, which I think is the perfect size. The GM I think is to big.
  8. Artsy MM
  9. I love the Galliera!! It's so disappointing when you think you're going to love a bag and then see it IRL and it doesn't work for you!

    Of your choices, I'd go with the BH or the NF.

    GL deciding!
  10. Thanx All =)
  11. I'd go with the Tivoli, of those choices. Good luck deciding!
  12. Of all the bags you mention, I like the Galliera the best - PM or GM.
  13. I'm sorry the galliera didn't work for you, that's a bummer! Of the bags you mentioned I would go for the BH or the Tivoli, I think they're both cute, functional, stylish and gorgeous bags. Good luck with your decision!
  14. #14 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    It wasn't listed, but I say Artsy! I love mine!
  15. I also have the Galliera and it's the best one so far!!