Help in choosing damier

  1. Suggestions please! I really want something in the damier line (I do not have anything in it yet). But
    I want a shoulder bag not hand held (I already have 2 epi speedy's) and something not too large as I am somewhat petite (just under 5'4) but definitely not a pouchette (that's too small)

    Any ideas?
  2. I like the Saleya MM. It's a bigger bag though but I don't think it will be overwhelming.
  3. I was also going to suggest the Saleya - could get it in PM for the smaller lady, how about a Hampstead (comes in various sizes), there is also the Illovo, and perhaps Musettes for across the body
  4. I agree with the pp -- look into a Hampstead!! They're GORGEOUS bags!!!
  5. I think the papillion 30 and Duamo look the best in damier pattern.
  6. if you need to put in a lot of stuff: saleya PM/MM

    smaller shoulder bags:
    ravello GM
    papillon 30
    musette tango

    hope this helps...:smile:
  7. i would suggest either the saleya or the illovo.
  8. I also don't have anything in Damier. The Hampstead looks terrific! I know you said nothing handheld, but the Duomo is nice too.
  9. saleya.
  10. saleya pm
  11. I vote for either the Hampstead or the Saleya
  12. Thanks ladies! I think I"ll check into Saleya and Hampstead. I do like a lot of the hand held but with a 4 year old and shopping, kind of tough to do.

    Thank you ladies! Now all I need to do is convince DH I need it! (and I also need a Chanel, and something in Amarante!)
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