Help in choosing a Mac lipstick

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  1. I keep hearing about Mac lip products and would love to try it. I like browns and tan colors, any suggestions on any Mac colors that I can go check out that are more on the brown side? I don't like red or pink. Thanks!
  2. MAC Paramount, Chelsea, or Double Shot. Great browns that you can wear lightly or more intensely.
  3. I just bought the MAC Pro Longwear Lustre in comes with the gloss on the other end. I love it. It's longwearing, and it looks so nice with the gloss on top!
  4. The one I purchased was Lustre Viva Glam V A36
  5. My very favorite lippie of all time is the MAC Lustre in Midimauve. Soft pinkish-brown that goes with absolutely everything, smells wonderful, and the texture is TDF!
  6. Paramont is a espresso, mahogany color. Viva Glam is a taupey, pink color (always a fav).
  7. I love and wear Hug me. Its very neutral.
  8. I had the OH BABY- Lip gloss. I liked it when I had it. But once I ran out I didn't go running back for more. It was a cute neutral color though.
  9. im very much like you and only wear tan/nude lipsticks. my all time favourite is myth by mac- its gorgeous! i suggest you try it :kiss:
  10. I like High Tea and Hug Me.
  11. I have Mac Viva Glam II ( I think?) It's a really pale pinkish neutral color.

    I love itttt.
  12. High Tea!
  13. For brown, I wear Oh Baby lipglass - lots of shine and warm coppery brown color. Love it!
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