Help- in Canada, looking to buy Louboutin online?

  1. So today at Holt's I found my dream pair of Louboutins:heart:
    but they don't have them in my size and aren't going to be getting them. Does anyone know how I can search for this pair online anywhere if I have the style number? Who sells them online in the US, I am clueless...
  2. where? I am in Toronto - David's and Holts are the only retailers, and I have only ordered online from Neimans or Bergdorf *when I know the exact style and size* (eg after trying them on in Holts... sometimes, I wish I was American!!
  3. ^ ps - if you do know your size etc., any store will ship to Canada if you call them (none will accept an online purchase via computer - you have to call the 1-800 #) - with the exception of skins. So, Neimans, Bergdorf, Saks, Barneys, Bob Ellis...
  4. I'm in Toronto as well! I tried them on at Holt's.
    Thanks for the tips:smile:!
  5. What shoes where you looking for stylefly?

    You can try Neimans or Bergdorf, they ship to Canada. I think some Browns stores carry them too.

    piaffe: How much duties did you pay on the shoes when you order through the American retailers?
  6. I bought a pair of Manolos from Neimans in the last 2 months - took 4 weeks to arrive, shoe was $565 USD (when the dollar was weaker) and duty/tax was about $95 Canadian. WORTH IT NOW, though, with the dollar being so strong!!!
  7. You are too late! David's in Toronto (they have a couple of locations - I only know the one at Bay and Bloor) stocked this in black. I was in there on Saturday looking for the EXACT SAME SHOE as you!! They are entirely sold out - 100% - even the display model!

    I would check ebay and online retailers. Unless this is a classic (which Iowa may be - anyone?), it's out for the season.
  8. Actually, you won't believe this, but I found them at Yorkdale Holt's today in my size AND they had been marked down just this morning. Last pair on the planet, apparently! So I'm a pretty happy camper:yahoo:
  9. WOW, congrats