HELP in authenticity of a BOTTEGA VENETTA!!

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    I'm not an expert, just own a bunch of BV's. There is nothing in her feedback to raise a red flag. I would ask for photos of the interior of the bag, the BV label inside and the authenticity tag (sewn into a seam inside the bag) with the number on it. I hate it when sellers don't show the interior of a bag.

    Also, I didn't check her return policy. Check that before bidding. Good luck.
  2. Ask for photos of the interior such as the inside zippered pocket and the label inside. I can't tell much from the photos she has listed. I do know that it is a very common faked Bottega.
  3. Anybody ever hear or deal with a seller known as Poc-a-books? Does she sell Authentic Bottega's?
  4. Not familiar with the seller name. Do you have a listing #?
  5. Checked her listings and feedback. There's nothing that looks bad. Some of the interior pics could be better, but the tags/fonts look good on both the vintage bag and the new one. On the new one, if you're considering bidding, I'd ask what the zipper brand is. The older bags weren't marked, but the new bags have a particular brand.

    Authenticating BV is hard, because any given store has just a few of the styles; there are so many styles that we never see here in the U.S. The online site is limited, too, and doesn't have detailed interior pics.
  6. I think Marly has one of these, doesn't she? :shrugs:

    If you bought it, you could PM her (or I could PM her for you, if you like?). :biggrin:
  7. Well, looks like the blue grommet bag is after the fact, however, from the outside it does like pretty good. These bags were from '05 and were made of a deerskin (cervo leather). The inside would have needed to be shown because that would be the deciding factor. It should be a suede lining and embossed, and with the material tab that has the serial number, etc. found in the inside pocket.

    I was looking at the the other Bottegas that this ebayer is currently selling and the black woven tote doesn't look right. The hardware looks accurate, but it's the inside plaque that doesn't. This tote is from the '06 season and should retail for about $2650. It is made from Napa leather and most current bags are embossed inside on the leather itself, and above it, the leather seam usually has a notch or a tab in the leather. In the inside shot of this bag, it has a straight seam with no bottom stitching. And it has a leather plaque screwed on. Doesn't look right.

    After Gucci took over the Bottega line in 2001, this has been the rule for most of the inside labels- either "Bottega Veneta made in Italy" is embossed directly on the leather or sometimes it's a plaque, but not a leather plaque, but a metal plaque-which is usually reserved for limited edition lines, and even then, many times the metal plaque has the style, and of how many etched on it.
  8. ^ Thanks, Marly. :biggrin:

    Thought I should mention that my A/W '01 - '02 BV has a metal plate, with just...


    ...written on it. I don't think it was a limited edition, as there is nothing to denote that. :biggrin:

    I would say that if a seller sells bags that are obviously unauthentic, it calls into question the rest of their bags.

    Of course, in this case, the bags appear to be on consignment; in which case, I might question their authenticating skills.