Help! I'm worried my chanel is fake!

  1. so, i bought a chanel from a mypoupette seller. and i received the bag this week and it just doesn't seem right. so, tonight i started measuring the quilts to make sure they were even...and i found at least one that isn't. and the corners look wrong...doesn't it look like there should be an extra quilt starting in the corners? for some reason i think the curvature is off on the flap too. i took some pics, but they're horrible. the bag did come with the auth. card and it matches the hologram. what do you think?

    here's the link:

    chanel front.jpg chanel back.jpg chanel interior.jpg chanel plate.jpg chanel open.jpg
  2. Gosh - I'm no expert but it looks good to me. I thought lvlady99 was a reputable seller?
  3. Looks good.

    Does it look and feel like a $1800. luxury bag?

    The leather, the hardware? I think just by looking at it you could tell it from a fake which is not buttery lambskin, has a cheap and not substantial chain. I've seen fakes before and there's always something that gives it away and you don't have to look too hard. I believe that seller has the solid authentic a-ok.
  4. she seems to be a reputable seller, i may just be obsessing about it too much. i've sent pics to mypoupette, but haven't received a response yet.
  5. i dunno, at first i thought yes, the leather is really nice and the chain is substanial. this pic shows what i mean about the corners a little better, see how it looks like there should be more stiching in the corner?

    chanel close up.jpg
  6. i'm defff. not an expert, but i thought all of the quilts on the front were supposed to match up, even with the flap closed.
  7. This seller has buyers questioning authenticity and doesn't address it. She may sell some authentic used lv's but I'd be leary about buying from her. I'm not trying to be negative-but if you're not completely happy with the bag you should try to send it back and get a refund.

  8. Yes, that is true. And the screws are a hint too, this one does have the flat head screws that authentic Chanel bags have....most fakes use Philips screws. Wow, what a toughie.:blink:
  9. Yeah but the quilting never perfectly matches up it's more like a general matching-ness? Like it's really obvious when it's off but on this one for the most part the quilting matches up.
  10. It looks good to me. Congratulations, it's a beautiful bag.:biggrin:
  11. It looks fine to me, too. I think the reason it looks like the quilting doesn't match up on front is because the flap isn't laying flat against the body of the bag. If you pressed the flap down flat, you would see that it would match up just like the back.
  12. Can you get more pics of the front? The front flap looks way off to me.... if it looks that off, then I say its fake

    If its the pic... then maybe its not?

    can you get more pics of the front looking at it straight forward?
    (if its like the above post stated, then you should be ok -- that's why I was asking for more pics because everything else looks fine! :smile: )
  13. To be safe, if you are not comfortable with it I would ask for a refund. Or try & take it to a Chanel boutique if there is one near you. Too much money to not be 100% sure
  14. This is just another checkpoint - which I know can be faked...but it would ease my mind.. Does the authenticity card's serial match the hologram sticker inside?

    I actually think the bag looks nice...
  15. thanks for the help everyone! mypoupette said they'll get back to me in the morning too. here's some more pics:

    chanel front 2.jpg chanel top.jpg chanel front 3.jpg chanel zoom.jpg auth card.jpg