Help...I'm trying to find a specific Coach Bag

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  1. Hello,
    I'm new to this site and I'm in search of a new or used Coach Gallery Tote which has khaki brown C Logo with the HOT PINK SUEDE accents on the corners and the straps, etc.
    I saw it on e-bay and fell in love with the design/look. I don't kow the model/serial number and I can't seem to find it anywhere, I checked with Coach, Store Outlets and other Bidding websites to no avail. I figured only Purse divas/experts/fans would be able to help me
    Your help would be greatly appreciated. If you know of a store where I can purchase this bag please let me know. Thank YOU!!!!:flowers:

    good luck to you, but there's NO selling/buying here. I'll move this to the COACH Forum for you.
  2. I am not sure which bag you are talking about, but I am sure if you posted this in the Coach forum, you'll get more responses. There are some very knowledgable Coach SA's there who might be able to help you.
  3. Check out the Coach board. Lots of nice people there who can help you find that bag!
  4. That's an old style. eBay is my best bet.
  5. I think that was about 2 years ago, so it will have to be eBay
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