HELP! I'm trying to find a gift for DH.

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  1. Hi! I'm commenting on this because I was going through a similar occurence with my husband. He's 33 and his birthday is approaching in 8 days. He also likes plaid casual button downs and I was hoping to get him one. But then I realized that he unlike doesn't really LOVE clothes for his birthday. So I told myself that while I would love clothes and bags for my birthday, I should really think about he LOVES and get that. So I ended up not getting him a shirt.

    As for this shirt, I think the colors are super cute, but I think the price is really steep for how it looks. Plus, I don't think the large plaid print is that flattering. It may make him look large and square?

    With regards to my DH, I ended up getting him a "driving package" experience, where he spends an entire day driving 6 classic and luxury cars. I figured it's worthy it to splurge on an experience that he'd LOVE, (plus we currently and foreseeably will never be able to afford the cars he will be able to drive which include a ferrari, 1960's corvette, lamborghini, lotus elise....) I leaked and told him his present (I'm REALLY BAD at keeping suprises). Hahaa, well, he LOVES it!
  2. Holy Crap that is awesome!! I did not even know that existed. My DH will be 40 in April but he LOVES clothes. He has more than I do!!

    Thank you so much for responding!
  3. How about some AG super pima cotton jeans. Soft as heck and stylish? Though, I`m thinking your clothes aficionado DH might just have a closet full of them :graucho:
  4. Well.. My Bf birthday was last week, and I got him bunch of clothes from Zara for men collection.. I think it's pretty hip and I love the European cut in all the fitted shirts
  5. Thanks you everyone for the feedback. He does not have AG jeans only TR, Seven, Diesel and Citizen - well I guess not only that is a lot. And I will check out Zara, I have never heard of it.
    I found some more stuff at Hirshleifers too. I didn't even know they carried mens stuff!! Maybe jewery?!? IDK that driving experience sounds pretty cool too.
  6. So weird - I was just talking to my boyfriend about something similar. Where will he be doing this?