Help! I'm Trying Out For Volleyball; What Are My Chances?

  1. Hey guys. I'm arising my junior year of highschool and I plan on trying out for Varsity volleyball. I've played at friends houses and stuff, but never for the school team before so I'm a little nervous because I don't know what to expect. What do you think are my chances of making it? Thank God it's summer, so I have the chance to practice. In a school team are individual players assigned to certain positions or do you switch off? I'd like to play libero because I'm short and well, playing center wouldn't work out too well. :p

    Do you think lack of experience will hurt me, as opposed to the other girls who have been playing longer? I signed up for vball camp which is at the very end of next month, and I don't want to make a fool of myself, so spare me please and fill me in!
  2. Does your school have a Junior Varsity team?
  3. Yeah, they do have a JV, but it's sort of an insult if you're an upperclassmen on the JV team... that's for the sophmores and freshman if that makes any sense. It's basically saying that you're not good enough for varsity.
  4. If you've never played before - that's likely where you'll end up...Unless you're super good. Or...You'll end up as a "backup" and never get to play on the V team. Sorry, that's just how I've seen it work at my old HS.
  5. I didn't play until my junior year of HS and I made the varsity team, but I didn't start. I did start my senior year though. Just start now, over the summer, working out and getting in shape, and find someone to practice ball stuff with you if you can. Going into tryouts prepared will give you a leg up! Good luck!
  6. it really depends on the school's team and who tries out. if varsity is good (makes it to championship games every season) then you might be on JV. at my high school girls were playing volleyball since 5th grade would make varsity sophomore year.

    i would try out, and if you dont make it, dont be hurt, just realize that being on JV as a junior is fine and no big deal. but if you only want varsity, you may be setting yourself up for a disappointment because playing at your friends house is different than game time (i played from 4-8th grade and didnt want to do it in highschool beacuse it was so cut throat)
  7. You should try to talk to the Coach. The teams typically have a Coach that will be around or easy to reach- ask if there is a team camp, or workout you could join. Do the camp like you have planned. It all just depends how good you are and how good the rest of the people going out for the team are.

    Good luck!
  8. Thanks for the responses guys, I really really apreciate getting them so quickly. As for my experience, I've played now and again but like I said, never on a team. I was always great at serving and stuff.

    It's just, I don't know where to go to practice. Camp isn't until the 30th of next month, and I wanna get in more practice before then. I don't see myself just whipping out a vball and practicing in my backyard. Any ideas? =/

    I don't know what to expect; for those of you who might have played before, do you alternate between positions or is each person given a specific one on the team? I feel so stupid for asking this but I really am curious.

    I think it'd be a great sport to get into; it's a confidence booster for sure and a great way to make friends. And who knows, I might get really good at it! :smile:
  9. Heyy Stacey. Your post kinda confused me lol. :confused1: You made varsity your junior year but didn't play until senior? What do you mean; I thought that once you make it, you play? HaHa Maybe I'm just reading wrong.

    Thanks again for the reassurance. :yes: It really means a lot to me when people take time out of their day to answer my impatient questions. lol I noticed you live in NC! Me too! Which city are you in? I'm assuming you've graduated already, so there's no chance that you go to a school near me. ;]

    Since you've played, what do you think I should work on when getting in shape- building my upper thighs? Etc. What kinda diet should you be on? Thanks again. --//xo;MyLuckyCharm.
  10. I played on the volleyball team in high school and I sucked, and I mean SUCKED! I guess they weren't too picky at my school.
  11. I agree..this is what I kinda wanted to say but didn't want to hurt your feelings in any way!
  12. I'm gonna go with 3.14%
  13. HaHa Does that basically mean no chance?
  14. No...I was just kind of joking. The way you worded your first post sounded like you wanted an exact percentage. Thus, Pi....
  15. where i live, the girls start joining volleyball clubs in elementary school. it is a very competitive sport, and the spots on our high school teams are highly coveted. they take it very seriously 'round here, the local hi schools are very it is definitely a tough thing to do. but i guess it all depends on so many factors, what kind of athlete you are, size of school, and number of others trying out per spot.

    good luck! and play hard! attitude is everything!