help! i'm so undecided!

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which bag do you like best?

  1. mj mix quilted east west tote

  2. mbmj lovely behati tote

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  1. i'm going to be able to finally buy a mj bag this weekend. for so long, i was SO positive that i wanted the mixed quilted east west tote, but now i'm not so sure! it's expensive, which is my main cause of hesitation. i still think it's beautiful though, and i really need a grey bag. i'm not going to go into debt for it. it's just difficult to part with so much money when you think of other things you can be spending it on (clothes, shoes, new flat screen plasma tv, etc.), kwim?

    do you guys like the mbmj behati tote better? i don't love it as much as the mj bag, but the price isn't as bad. i guess, what i'm asking is which is worth the money?

    here's the pictures of the two bags for reference:

    the mj mixed quilted east west tote

    the mbmj lovely behati tote
  2. I love the mix quilted~ I think it has versatility and can be used dressed up or down! Gorgeous!
  3. Tadpolenyc what is the price difference? I'm always having the dilemma if going with a less expensive mbmj or an mj. I do however love the mix quilted, it's a gorgeous color for fall/winter and I'm a sucker for chains. It looks like it might fit over your shoulder? where the behati looks like it doesn't. Good luck this weekend!

  4. What's the price diff? I would get the bag you love.
    I prefer the top one. I hesitate all the time too but usually end up getting it down the line. I'd rather wait till I felt comfortable & get what I love than to spend less on something I don't.
  5. the price difference is pretty substantial. the mix quilted is $1620.21 while the behati is $496.36. both of those prices includes tax.

    kbell, you're right. while i like the behati, i don't love it. i guess i just want to be sure that the mj bag is worth it before i hand over my cc to the mj sa this saturday.
  6. The Behati bag looks gorgeous! If your really worried about the price then you should get the one you can afford. Then later on you can go back and get the mix quilted one. I love the color of the behati though!
  7. I voted for the MJ Mixed Quilted East/West Tote. Besides being gorgeous it can be dressed up or down very easily. As for the Behati, the more I look at it the less I like it. It just doesn't look like a $500 bag. Good luck with your decision!
  8. I like the east/west b/c it is gorgeous! It looks like you can use it so many different ways and it would be very versatile. The m by mj one does look very light though...could be something to consider.
  9. I think you should go with what you really have your heart set on - and it seems like the first tote (although more expensive) is it. It's really gorgeous, and seems more versatile than the MbyMJ tote. The MbyMJ tote looks more casual to me.

    Good luck - either way, they are both lovely bags.
  10. Regardless of price I like the the mbmj lovely behati tote

    I voted for it because I think the style is really nice. Also, for some reason I just don't like the MJ full line bags with the little pushlock that isn't attached to anything. I guess it is just there for the logo but I can't seem to get over that it is non-functional.
  11. To me, the bags are very different. So my question is - what will you be using the bag for? The 2nd (Behati) one seems like it will make a good work/everyday bag (especially if you take public transportation). The 1st one (east west tote) is very nice, but a bit dressier. Also, if you don't want to spend the money now, you could wait a few months for the sales to start and see if they go on sale. Maybe you could satisfy the immediate MJ craving with a smaller accessory or a bag from an outlet - NM last call does ship.
  12. If you think about it, $500 is still a lot of $$, so don't let that influence your decision too much, especially since you're not going into debt for the more expensive bag. Get what you truly want if price didn't matter, otherwise you'll end up with a $500 tote you don't want, and might end up getting the e/w tote anyways at a later date, meaning you will spend more.
    I think either way you decide, you'll have a gorgeous, versatile bag. Let us know what you decide! :yes:
  13. One vote for mix quilted from me :tup:
  14. The 2nd one is really cute, I like it a lot!
  15. on saturday as I was standing in line at the bagel shop I saw a girl across the way with an amazing bag. I stood there willing the line to move fast so I could get up close to her before she left, but it didn't happen.

    and now with this thread, I see that it was the behati! but hers was cream, and it was sooooo beautiful.

    so my vote is for the behati.