HELP!!..I'm so nervous for tonite, I want everything to be perfect.

  1. ok, I am planning a perfect dinner for just me and my SO. He has been so wonderful to me. Just last weekend he surprised me with 2 dozen roses and a weekend at the Omni Hotel in a Suite, and he also made a trail of pink rose petals and candles to the bed. Anyway I had such a fantastic weekend, everything was perfect.

    Now, tonite I'm making dinner and surprising him with candlelight (fresh flowers on the table), a card and a gift.

    I get off work at 5pm and he arrives at 8pm so that leaves me about 2 hours (takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to get home) to get ready. I still would have to make the food so it can be nice and hot, do my hair and makeup and change my clothes. I cant do all that in 2 hours...or maybe I can?..or maybe I can't? Im such a wreck. I could barely sleep last night.

    Any tips? words of comfort? Plus, he called me this morning to wish me a Happy Valentines Day and said that he looks forward to tonite!! HELPPPPPP!:upsidedown:
  2. good luck with everything! is there any way you can start your make-up/hair during lunch? i'm seeing SOs right after classes and knew i wouldn't have time to change/get done up so i'm pretty much sitting through a day of classes with my full on make-up and feeling a bit ridiculous :shrugs:

    i'm sure everything will go beautifully and your SO will love that you did this for him!
  3. Relax and breathe..perfect is just being together :smile:
  4. Just relax.... I think everything will go great... He will appreciate all you effort....

  5. OMG!! why didnt I think of that? :s

    I dont know where my brains went last night!!!!
  6. I'm sure everything will turn out just fine! Good luck!
  7. you guys are very comforting, but cant help but being anxious.

    when I get home, I have to

    1. Prepare the dinner
    2. Iron my shirt, get dressed
    3. Makeup and hair (just curling)
    4. I think I want to sweep the floor
    5. Set the table (like wipe it down, apply the table cloth, candles and flower piece)

    but the biggest concern is making dinner, I want it to be ready when he gets here but then again I want it to be nice and hot for when we set to eat! :borg:
  8. You'll be fine! Just relax! Did you start prepping your food before you left home (marinating, chopping, etc...)
  9. ^^ yes the chicken is all marinated. however I didn't cut up any veggies!
  10. You could always get ready in between preparing the food, like when the chicken is cooking. I cooked dinner for my BF last year, so I know what you're going through in terms of feeling nervous. Try to relax and have fun! Even if things don't go perfectly, the most important thing is that you'll be spending time with him and I'm sure he'll appreciate all the effort you put in. Enjoy your night! :smile:
  11. Aww that is too sweet he is going to love this! I need to steal this idea and do this for my bf sometime! I think you'll have enough time, whenever I'm worried about time I do everything faster because I rush and then I end up sitting around! Just don't slack off, you'll be fine! What kind of chicken are you cooking?
  12. Relax, I'm sure everything will be great! Let us know how it goes, later. :smile:

  13. thats who I am as well. I'm making Chicken Fettuccuni (spell) Alfredo. I also got some sparking wine (cheap stuff :p) cause he doesnt understand wine
  14. Well, you def want it warm when you eat, besides many men find it very sexy to see a women, I would wait to finish it up when he gets there.

    I don't what recipe you're using, but alfredo ia very simple to make...

    My Italian aunt taught me this many moons ago:

    1 pint cream
    1 stick of butter
    1 cup parm cheese
    1 pound of pasta

    Put your cream and butter out on the counter about a half hour before you cook your pasta. Cook the pasta, drain well (do not rinse) put the pasta back in the pot add cream, butter and cheese, stir well, season with salt and pepper...viola you have alfredo! You can add any cooked protien; shrimp chicken, etc...or you can add some chopped tomatoes, ham and bacon and you have carbonara.

    So cook up your chicken...and wait for the rest :smile:
  15. Exactly...maybe just be standing there in your apron and nothing else. ;)

    As for sweeping the floor, he won't even notice that, so save that for last. Your shirt, throw it in the dryer with a damp paper towel and let it tumble for 2 or 3 minutes while you're doing something else. Take it out and put it on immediately. That should take out all the wrinkles.