Help - I'm SO indecisive

  1. Hello all!

    I've decided to get my first Balenciaga, and I can't wait to join the club :smile: . However, I'm having a hard time deciding which bag to go for. I'm thinking about getting either a First, City, or Twiggy in either black or grey. I think I am leaning toward the grey, but it will depend on what I can actually find.

    I own mostly large bags, so I think either the First or Twiggy would be best to change it up a bit, right? I'm just not sure because there is only a bit of price difference between all of them.

    What do you guys think? Any advice or suggestions? I would love to hear some opinions from owners of one, two, or all three bags. Thanks!
  2. Black first--so chic and classic!
  3. Second that.

    The First is a classic, you won't regret it
  4. If you're looking for something different, go for a first. It's smaller so you'll be able to use it at night or when you're on the run and need less stuff. The twiggy is great too. I like that shape better than all my other bbags. But the City is always a great starter bag. Many of us start with that and become addicted.

    I guess I'm no help because I love them all. As for colors, I say get grey! I'm all about colors with Balenciaga.
  5. I have an ink City and a pewter First, and I have to say that since I started using my First (I was a BIG bag person) I am hooked! I throw my purseket in there, which keeps all of my "daily" stuff to the sides, and then I can fit my checkbook and makeup bag in the center. I love it!
  6. black first is a classic, but i think grey city would be awesome :smile:
  7. A black first or twiggy would be great choices!! Personally, I would go for a twiggy. While the first is very cute, it may not hold as much of your everyday items as you'd like - esp. since you mentioned that you mainly use big bags. (I don't have a first yet, but I've read that a few PF'ers returned them because it was too small).
    Good luck with your first Bbag purchase and welcome to the club!!! :biggrin:
  8. My vote is for a black city!
  9. yeppers, i'd definitely go for a black twiggy, it was my 1st b-bag love & it's oooooooooh, so versatile :love:
  10. I would vote for either a black city or twiggy.
  11. I say grey twiggy!!! I love the shape the twiggy and the roomyness of it. Also if you are going to get a be bag go for a color, so grey gets my vote.
  12. hey SuLi 0o0o how exciting... ok... well a city is pretty good to start off with... but since you'd like to mix up ya bags a bit, i reckon you should go for a TWIGGY... a twiggy is still big but not as big a CITY and not small as a FIRST... i've got a TWIGGY and a FIRST and a CITY, but i tend to use my CITY and TWIGGY more as i carry heaps of crap!!!! BUT if you're totally in doubt - you can't go wrong with a classic black city!!! 0o0o0o jump on the b-bag wagon... woo hoo b-bag fever!!!!
  13. SuLi!! I think you should go with a First and get a colour that you will fall in love with. Black and white are always available (per season), so you can get a classic Black later. Twiggys are actually pretty roomy, as are Citys.

    I agree with elongreach, about going from day to night with a First. Very versatile. You'll love it!
  14. If you are used to large bags I think a First will be too small for you. I would suggest a City or a Twiggy in black.
  15. I say Grey Twiggy, because that is my preference : ) What you really should do, if you have Balenciaga bags that you can see and touch close to you, is take what you usually carry with you and then put that stuff in the First and the Twiggy and see how it sets. My SA recommended this to me when I was looking at the Twiggy and it really set in my mind that it would work for me as an everyday purse. You probably don't want anything that will look "stuffed", so seeing it with your stuff inside may sway you which way to go. Plus then you can see how they will look when you wear them!

    I wish you well,