Help!!...I'm so disapponited >:(

  1. Help me!! Oh I'm so disappointed in myself!!! I bought a fake LV on eBay without knowing it :crybaby:. It was a Mono speedy 25 and somehow I didn't look closely enough but the purse had feet! I know that the speedys don't have any feet on them but I just wish I looked more closely before bidding. I got it for $220 and I e-mailed the seller if he could cancel the payment but he hasn't responded to me yet. It would kill me if he doesn't respond and I would be sad because 220 is still alot of money! So please help me ladies! I don't know what to do now. :sad:
  2. Just tell him that you want to cancel payment because it is not authentic.
  3. Oh no :sad: That is so disappointing. I hope you get your money back and an authentic speedy. In the future, make sure you post in the "Authenticate This" thread and the experts here can help you make sure you get a beautiful, authentic bag.
  4. so sorry to hear this ... could you post the auction number, so we could maybe report it as well? :yes: ... def. tell the seller that you want your money back, did you pay via paypal? if yes, I'd start a claim right now
  5. Did you pay through credit card on Paypal or bank account?
    If he doesn't respond, you can always start a dispute or file a chargeback when the bag arrives.
    To make him agree with you, you could offer to pay for all the eBay fees associated with the transaction, if you don't want negative feedback (if you don't care, then who cares about offering to pay for fees?!)
    Just let him know you had an expert look at it and found out it wasn't real. That happened to me once and the woman went nuts and started going on about how she bought it from the LV store and so the LV store sent her a fake, blah blah blah. I think she was scared that she got busted, so I never paid for the item (slightly different situation, but still).

    Let us know how it goes!
  6. That's a great idea. If enough people post it, maybe eBay will remove the listing even after it's ended and maybe somehow you can get your money back.
  7. yes I did pay through paypal this was the item # 180194528968 and he also didn't state a return policy either.
  8. If it's fake, you have some recourse beyond just hoping the seller will give you your money back. How did you pay for it? PayPal and/or your credit card company can take action to get you your money back. You should also report it to eBay.
  9. reported it :yes:
  10. Okay I will see if he responds if he doesn't I will try and report it to ebay. I paid for it as an instant transfer so it came from my bank account.
  11. I have viewed the bag it is DEFINATELY fake. It is not an authentic bag that had feet added to it later. IT IS FAKE.
  12. Thanks everyone. You're so helpful! :smile:
  13. File a report/dispute ASAP. Don't wait for him to respond. You should be protected through Paypal.
  14. I wonder if transferring all the money from the instant transfer bank account to another bank account (so there are insufficient funds) will do anything... so you'll have to pay the ISF fee BUT at least you don't have to pay $220...just a thought though :p

    Good that there's $2000 buyer protection, if you win the dispute, you will get all of your money back.
  15. Notify ebay and paypal right away... or go to your bank account and stop payment.