HELP! I'm so confused!!!!!

  1. Okay. Things are quickly getting out of hand at the Shoo household. Hubby is opening mail/Christmas cards and leaving for me in a pile to sort thru. I stumbled upon these amazing notecards from and animal rescue organization called AWBAR (AWBAR.COM) and cannot seem to find who sent them to me and I KNOW it was from a TPF member. I also cleaned out my PM folder cause it was getting too full (Vlad - how about a 500 minimum?:lol:) so I deleted the wonderful members name who said they were sending me something.....ahhhhh! I am a colossal loser! I am so sorry! I want to acknowledge these cards cause they are sooooo damn cute and thoughtful and so much for a very incredibly worthy cause (please check out the website. I didn't know they existed!) I want to publicly thank the sender and to bring attention to this wonderful organization she turned me on to....

  2. Those are super cute! I hope you find out who sent them!
  3. me too! help me bump this thread until I find the sender!
  4. I will, I will! :yes:
  5. Bump, Bump. Who sent the cute cards?
  6. Bump. :smile:
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  8. Bump! Come on...who sent the cards?! I know you're out there!!
  9. Bump again! Adorable cards, great cause! Hope you find the sender!
  10. Awwww, help bagnshoo..............................X
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  12. I bet it was cyn (passerby) :smile:
  13. Those are super-cute. Maybe I'll get some (so I can put them in the pile of cards that I already have because I buy some every year and then never actually bother to write and send any...)
  14. Tink, you beat me to it--that's what I was going to say. I think cyn aka passerby did it. She's huge on animal welfare support plus she's one of the most generous people I've ever had the privilege of meeting (cyber-speaking).
  15. bagsnshoo, sorry I only just read this thread. First, thanks for the lovely card which came yesterday :smile:

    Yes, the lovely AWBAR cards are from me. Sorry, I should have asked Denise of BellisStudios to write a short note to you explaining who sent them. She's a lovely seller and designed those cards to help raise funds for AWBAR. For November, she donated all the proceeds from the sales of those cards, and for this month, she will donate proceeds less her own expenses. There are several sets of the lovely cards left so if you lovely tpfers wish to buy them, please do go ahead :smile:

    Amanda of AWBAR also has her own shop on etsy, where she sells earrings and cute pins featuring the adorable Ringer the Raccoon:

    On top of running this rescue, Amanda has a tiring job working in retail so any help towards the running of AWBAR (by purchasing from her shop) would be appreciated. Many thanks.

    Once again, can I mention the wonderful work done by etsyforanimals. This is a group lf sellers on Etsy who donate 10% of their proceeds to a designated animal charity each month (last month it was to help animals affected by the fires in California). Etsyforanimals has its own shop on Etsy and it's filled by items kindly donated by sellers. All proceeds from this shop goes to the designated animal charity for the month: