Help! I'm shoe clueless and need help with this outfit!

  1. Spring is-a-comin' and I'm clueless what to pair with these outfits. I've just begun observations for student teaching and so I'm supposed to look teacherly - like semi-dressy but still casual. I bought a bunch of these shirts from old navy:

    And I'm pairing them with black pants - boot-leg slacks. Think I could substitute black yoga pants? Ehh...maybe that's too informal. But could they really tell? :confused1: - tangent - sorry lol. So what shoes do I pair with this ensemble? It's still cold in NY - but we're expecting to get into the high 50's come Friday - and that's when I teach. I tried a pair of ballerina flats (black) from Aldo but they were SO uncomfortable and I thought they looked silly. Help! I'm clueless!
  2. open toed flats, espadrilles, or open toed high heel slingbacks, maybe? If you are being thrifty, I would look at Target--they have some great spring shoes out right now. I wear ballet flats with slacks all of the time--they also look really cute with capri pants. Hope that this helps:smile:
  3. Former teacher and I would not wear yoga pants. Depends on what grade you are teaching. I always wear heels when I teach older guys (middle school). Flats for the kiddos.
  4. ^^^ I've got 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. What sort of heels?
  5. Black pointed toe slingbacks would pair nicely with this outfit.
  6. Definitely not open toe shoes for a teacher..I would find a great loafer shoe w/1/12" - 2" heel. Nothing too high. And I agree, no yoga pants. I would think you want to come across looking professional so black tailored pants would be a better option. How about a contrasting sweater/cardigan to tie over your shoulders? That would complete the look nicely.
  7. khakis would look good with those shirts
  8. I agree with khakis, and mid size closed toe heels