Help! I'm shedding!!

  1. My hair is seriously driving me crazy! Its straight with a little bit of natural wave in it towards the ends, and it seems like every time i take a shower or brush my hair, a ton of it is coming out! I haven't colored it in a couple months (I probably have 2 inches of darker roots) and I can't figure out what could be causing it. I'm getting married in November so I'd really like to get it under control. It didn't use to do this. I'm using Pantene Pro V shampoo and conditioner most of the time....could the shampoo be causing it? :crybaby:
  2. I have had this problem during the last 2 months. Its frightening how much comes out! I was in the gym today and to my horror, I had taken my hairband out to retie it and I swear all this hair fell out as I was doing it. My trainer was like :wtf: I told him its been falling out like crazy lately..he told me to keep eating alot of fish, and take more vitamins! I take great care of my hair. I get it trimmed every 6 weeks and highlighted every 6-8. I use Mostly Aveda products and condition like crazy! So I understand how you feel! I know its normal to lose some daily but I feel like Im losing alot more then what would be considered normal! I am interested in the replies on this!
  3. this is my problem too.. tried lots of products, like phytoaxil, nioxin and kerastase specifique and all of these havent solve my hairloss problem :sad:
  4. I used to have that problem too....I remember I used the Garnier shampoo- that one that helps make hair stronger which was pretty good. Also you have to keep getting your hair trimmed like Sunshine said, it really makes a difference. Most of the time it's your diet and if you getting married it could be stress levels too. Same goes for eating the fish/vitamins. You should take a woman's mutli-vitamin, that might help too.
  5. They say you lose more hair in the winter months, but I have no scientific proof to back that up!
    I would make sure to take your vitamins, I recommend prenatal vitamins- even if you are not pregnant!! They do wonders for your hair and nails!
  6. Mine does this when I get really stressed, it just comes out like crazy.
    Also I noticed after surgery it started to fall out too, I think it was because i lost too much weight too fast (I wasnt alowed to eat in the hospital for a few days). Eat well and dont stress too much... good luck.
  7. Hmm i'll have to try the prenatal vitamins....i think I've heard that sounds kinda familiar but I ccant remember where from
  8. Are you actually seeing bald or thinning spots? If not, it might just look worse than it is. Humans lose on average 100 hairs a day, and if you have longer hair, it looks like more because of the added length. I don't always brush my hair every day, because it can stress my hair and make the ends frizzy, so often the hair that falls out remains trapped in my hair, and the next time I brush it I might have what appears to be alot coming out. I also see tons of hair on the floor, etc, but my hair isn't thinner on my head. Also, tight ponytails can pull hair out.
  9. I haven't seen any bald/thinning spots, so maybe you're right. My hair comes about half way down my shoulders, so I brush it every morning and at night (sometimes throughout the day too...I'm outside a lot at work)....its just really freaky how it seems to be everywhere!
  10. Are you post-partum? After both my kids, I went through a period of major hair loss. Well it seemed that way to me anyway. I've always had thick hair, so I didnt miss it or anything but it was a little scary.
    I'm told that hormonal changes can bring on a period of hair loss that is usually short lived and absolutely normal. Maybe this is what you are dealing with, (even if not post partum) but our bodies do experience hormonal changes throughout our lives.
  11. I'm having this issue too, so frustrating! Every time i comb or wash my hair, comes out in handfuls! And theres still bits falling out during the day if I dont put my hair up :blink:
    I dont have any balding patches though, and it doesnt even seem to be thinning all who knows!
  12. I had this problem when I was getting married. I was looking clumps of hair! It settlled down after I calmed down & now I'm back to normal.

    Get rest, eat well, drink milk (aldo good for nails), & take vitamins.

    Good luck! & Congrats!
  13. I have very thick hair.....ever since my son was born ( 10 yrs ago ) alot of hair falls out when i shower, much that i clog all the drains up within 3 weeks.
    But i can't see a difference's still very thick?
  14. I am also going through a post partum hairloss after my second one. He is 6 months old now. I tried schwarzkopf hair thinning serum and shampoo...although it doesnt stop the hairfall, it helps with a good regrowth!