help...i'm scared

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  1. someone on Facebook wanted to purchase a pair of jeans. he spoke a bit strange but I figured it was just because he was from Canada (oops!). Anyways, he directed me to his email dress. he's being super shady, and obviously I am not going to sell the jeans to him...but he has my address.
    heres his response:Hello Ethan

    I just want to get back to you concerning the Rock & Republic
    Henley Jea i want to buy from you, my client called me today that the
    payment as been sent out to you, you will get it by next Via ups or
    fedex look forward to it the amount of $2,900, when you get it you
    will cash it from your bank you will deduct your asking price after
    cashing it at your bank you take $50 for yourself then you will send
    the rest of the money to my shipping agent Via western union money
    transfer and after my shipper receive the money he will call you and
    schedule for pick up make sure you take good care of the Item for me i
    will look forward to hear from you.


    ...what is the deal? should i be scared? i gave him my address a few days ago before he got weird. i don't want to die!
  2. you've never heard of the typical nigerian scam? The check is bad and once the banks recognize that, the money will be deducted from your account. Simple scam. Don't accept the check.
  3. so he's not going to come kill me? he said his client would "pick it up"...but he said he was from Canada.

    there is no way in hell I'd accept the check.
  4. Complete scam....stay away and don't accept any letters or packages from this person.
  5. This is a scam!! But I was wondering what exactly is "spoke a bit strange" mean. I thought he emailed you. Did you speak to him also? The reason I ask is because I am from Canada and was wondering what you mean by "spoke a bit strange" :confused1:
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    Nigerian scam - do not answer or do anything but run away from this one!!!!! You could report this to the post office as mail fraud when (and if) you get the check. But then that is probably why they use UPS or FedEx so they can't get caught for mail fraud. Others may have other good advice of where to turn this check in. Save all the packaging. . It is no good and a scam for sure.
  7. It is total SCAM - they want to steal $2900 from you (and a pair of jeans).
  8. Scam.

    This might sound harsh, but I just don't understand how with all the info circulating everywhere--TV, Internet, print, radio, word of mouth--about the danger of interacting with strangers on My Space and Facebook, people continue to put themselves at risk.
  9. ^ Yeah no kidding. I read an article the other day about some guy losing $150K to, of course, the nigerian scam. This was very recent too.

    OP - no one is going to come and pick up anything from you. The check may arrive and will turn out to be bogus. Just don't communicate with your buyer anymore! Don't cash the check, don't send anything, tadah.
  10. Hi guys, I just got another email from the guy, he gave me a tracking number. Should I literally just THROW THE PACKAGE AWAY when it arrives?
  11. I would turn it in to authorities or refuse it.
    What ever you do, do not give him any more information. The fact that he already has your address could put you in danger.

    And never ever ever sell anything on Myspace of Facebook! You are just screaming for a stalker or scammer to take advantage of you!
  12. Contact the authorities and report this scammer.
  13. I'm confused as to how you are selling on Facebook?
  14. Facebook marketplace, it's like craigslist...I did it just so friends,ect. could see it, but somehow he did too.
  15. Does this scammer have any other personal information from you?
    Your full name
    Home Address
    Phone number