Help! I'm running out of room!

  1. So ladies, where do you store your handbags once you start running out of storage space?:confused1:
  2. Sell them?
  3. Take over hubby's closet!!

    Selling is a good idea as well... get rid of the bags you don't use anymore regardless of whether you're attached to them. If you not using it, what's the point of keeping it?
  4. Sell it.
  5. in the closet, on a metal shelf, or in a plastic compartment to keep the dust mites away.

    i'd rather not sell what i love because of a silly little issue like space. :biggrin:

    although i do need to get rid of a bunch of old electronics... any one need an extra monitor?
  6. Nooo don't sell your bags!

    Mine go on top of my wardrobe, but I have quite a big room so space isn't really an issue :biggrin:
  7. I sit down and make a list of what I really don't use and I either sell it or give it away. My taste changes so much that I do have the tendancy to buy bags that I really don't use after a couple of years. Of course I am much pickier now.
  8. LOL, when I get to that point I'll let you know.
  9. Up to this point, I have just organised more room in my walk-in-wardrobe by getting rid of other unnecessary things. However, sometimes it may make sense to sell something rarely used - it really depends on one's tastes and collection.

    I have tried to invest in classic models from different designer houses. Further, I keep up variety in colours. This way, it is more probable that I will never end up selling my bags.

    Of course, some of the colours may feel a little bit outdated at some point, but they will be rotated to be back in fashion after some years. For example, I haven't used my cognac-coloured Burberry leather bag that much this year, since I haven't really worn brown or other matching colours. The same situation is with my white/chocolate-coloured Longchamp leather bag. However, I am certain that these colours will feel fresh again after some time.
  10. In my BF and I's new condo there are 3 closets (BIG) so he will get hal fof one and I will get the rest for my clothes and purses. Hopefully I will never run out of room!

    P.S. the BF doesn't know about only get a little part of the closet!!!

  11. I've actually been selling the bags that I don't use anymore, but I don't intend to sell any of my classic bags regardless if I'm using them or not. I was considering putting them in some storage bins that I just bought at Container Store, but the challange will be reaching them when I need them. My closets are really tall and anytime I need something down from there, I have to ask my husband to go up there and get it down for me. I just wish I had some more space in my house to place some type of storage unit.:nogood:
  12. Because you can't get a fair price for a great bag??
  13. Re-organize

    I think about selling, but when it comes right down to it....I just can't part with any of them. So I put up more shelving, move stuff over, shuffle....make room....surely I can squeeze one or two or four more in over here
  14. Wow, I had never thought of that before! Thanks for the good idea. :graucho:
  15. I'm constantly running out of room for my bags and shoes. After reorganizing, taking over BF's closet space, stashing bags and shoes where they have no business being, and taking over the linen closet as well as the closets in the extra bedrooms, I am *still* always a purchase away from overflowing. The answer? EDIT YOUR COLLECTION. I've parted in recent months with an MJ Swagger (large bag that sat there and didn't get used because I prefer my MJ Hudson, which is in same family of color and nearly the same size), a Fendi Ostrik, a Fendi baugette, a Spy and 2 Dior saddles.

    If you edit well, you won't miss the bags as much as you think.