HELP!! Im planning to buy Fendi 2 Jours but...


Apr 19, 2016
The only choice I have with Fendi 2 Jours is the last piece (display) and Im contemplating if I would go purchase because it's very limited in our country. By conversion is about 450 USD less than the original price. Do you think Fendi would still continue to make black ones and just wait for a new one not on sale? I can't see the bag, only my mom can. Im a little far from the boutique. I dont know how the bag display has been worn by a lot of people but anyway, 450 USD still is a lot of money. What do you guys think? I really wanted the chanel gst in black also but now is discontinued already :'(


Mar 22, 2008
Honolulu, Illinois
I wouldn't buy the display bag, they do tend to feel more worn than a new one. I had a debate with a bag I really loved and they don't make it anymore (LV soft lockit with Python handles) but in the end I couldn't because I could see the slight wear. I'd just wait because it seems like you do want a brand spanking new bag and with the price we pay for bags, it's worth it to wait. Unfortunately, there's always a gorgeous bag we will want, right around the corner.