Help! I'm paralyzed by indecision!

  1. This is my very first post here, and I'm still a purse newbie, so I need all the help I can get!

    I'm looking for a tan/ caramel/ camel type color. Which one do you vote for?

    #1: Gerard Darel Drape (don't know if this pic will work)\3\1\2\466232.jpeg&maxSize=500

    #2: Hayden Harnett Mercer Satchel in Luggage

    #3: Anna Corinna Lady Duffel in Butterscotch

    Feel free to post any thoughts too- like anything you've heard as far as feedback on the bags, quality, etc. I'm trying to sort through all the past posts, but there's a lot! Again, any help will be appreciated!

  2. Hello, and welcome to the forum. :amuse:

    I like the first bag the best, the Gerard Darel. I like the drape of the leather - slouchy and soft but not saggy. I ike the size, too.
  3. I vote for the Darel bag too!
  4. Hi and welcome to the PF! Your choices are lovely! I really like the 3rd one, the Anna Corinna Duffel! I love large bags and this one is nice and slouchy. I am sorry I don't know much about the brand but it sure is beautiful!

    Thanks for posting! We look forward to many more and I hope you get a lot of replies here! Which ever bag you choose, please let us know and be sure to post a picture! Cheers!
  5. Since I just received my Caramel Drape Gerard Darel bag today I may be a bit biased - but it is BEAUTIFUL - it's a classic, yet functional bag. If you want one I would order one soon from BG - I hear it sold out fast last time and they just got a shipment from france last week of GD bags.
  6. I have the HH Mercer Satchel and they are fabulous bags. I love that there are three compartments and multiple open and zipped pockets which make it easy to stay organized. I like this bag so much I have it in three colors (Luggage, Black and Chalk)!

    That said, I've been hearing how great the Darel Drape bags are, and have one due to arrive any day. I'll let you know how the two compare.
  7. You guys are so sweet!!!

    I can tell I'm going to love it here, which may or may not be a good thing... :P

    I can't wait to hear more of your thoughts! Thanks for replying so far!
  8. Your posts actually helped sell me on the GD bags!

    Now if I can see the pics of your newest, I just may be pushed over the edge... (a not-so-subtle hint, huh)?

  9. ^^I'll try to post a photo of my Caramel one after my PHH goes to bed! :smile:
  10. And then, on the other hand, your past posts pushed me towards the HH Mercer satchel! Decisions, decisions...

    A comparison between the two would be GREAT! I can't wait to hear it.

    Oh, now I do have a question for you- how durable (as in stain-resistant and water-resistant) does the luggage leather seem on the HH Mercer? As a mom of young kids (and not so graceful myself), I'm wondering if I should factor this into the decision.
  11. Hi and welcome. I love the Anna Corinna one. The leather is so beautiful and I love big,slouchy bags and the color is awesome. But I think it depends on your own style too. They all look great but the #3 definetely caught my eye. You're lucky no matter which one you choose.
  12. I have both the Gerard Darel in chocolate brown and the HH in black. The leather on both is great. While I haven't tested either, they are probably both water resistant. I am not sure which I would suggest but the HH has some compartments while the GD does not. If you have specific questions, you can PM me.
  13. I should be receiving the GD drape in caramel tomorrow (from BG), so I vote for that one.
  14. Wow - a lot of Caramel GD Drape bags sold this week!!! :smile:
  15. All of those bags are gorgeous. I love the colors. I really like the GD drape! I may try to get one too, it seems like a great value! But they seem very hard to find!!!