Help! i'm on the hunt!~

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  1. hey ladies! i need some help!

    my friends birthday is coming up and i'd like to try and find her this backpack here! any color would do, but preferably black or navy... MAYBE grey or rouge, like the one below!

    she wears lots of neutral colors, and isn't too experimental when it comes to handbags, but this backpack here is perfect for her. it's vintage ;)

    if anyone spots one on ebay PLEASE notify me here in this thread!

    thanks in advance!

  2. that last one is nice but she wants leather ><
  3. yeahhh she will take it... now to discuss it with the gayman! wee!
  4. good luck on that, I'll keep my eyes open on ebay for you!
  5. I saw this one on Ebay today. For some reason, I cannot link it but here is the item number 170116570271