help i'm obsessing over a wapity

  1. i always thought the wapity was sort of odd shaped and weird looking. after seeing them on the wapity club and reading searched posts on it though i'm absolutely loving it! i was planning to save up money for a MC speedy or a trouville but i think i need a quick fix! :P

    can some one please post pics of you wearing it? i'm intending to use it as a quick going out and i've seen some pics but more pics would be greatly appreciated.

    i also want a MC (white for now but black looks so cute too!) and i know it's been talked about how the colors might fade or get dirty quick. any pics of "used/old" wapitys will be awesome too.

    help me out with my obsession please!!
  2. i'm gonna bug you guys one last time... anyone? pretty please? :smile:
  3. Sorry, I don't have a pic of me wearing it, but I have a mono wapity that I got in July. I'm pretty hard on it and it's holding up great. No scratches, no stains on the vachetta. It's got a little patina on it, but I swear it looks brand new. Here's the only pic I have of it. (my husband isn't home, and he's the one who knows how to post the pics). In a few days, I'll have him take one of me holding it. The mc ones look so cute. But I'm glad I got the mono, I think it can take the abuse a little better.
    Texas Girl's LV Collection.jpg
  4. I don't have pics because I never take them and im lazy. I recently purchased the black MC wapity and I love it. I was obsessing over it too. It's very nice. Unfortunately my 6 ring holder doesn't fit in it so it's sort of a pain...i might return it for a 4 ring.....

    Get the wapity they are adorable.