HELP, i'm obsessed with INK. vote for the one I should keep!!!


which one should i keep?

  1. twiggy

  2. day

  3. first

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. HELP EVERYONE! I've become completely obsessed with ink, and am thinking about buying an ink first to be used as a going out night bag. BUT I already have the ink twiggy and ink day. The problem with this obsession is that i keep on buying and can't decide which to sell. please, comments! THANKS!:flowers:
  2. ^^ keep the twiggy didi-girl :tender:
  3. I voted for the twiggy, it's my favorite style and it looks great in the ink!
  4. The twiggy looks great! Keep the twiggy.
  5. i love the INK twiggy!!! keep the twiggy for sure!!! :love:
  6. Hi Didi,
    I didn't see your Day bag, but I LOVE the leather on your twiggy! Super soft and thick (I keep telling my BF that--hehe)! You did an amazing job on it so I think you should keep that to yourself. Plus, after losing the first one and having it come back to you again is a sign
    you should keep it;)
  7. sorry i voted wrong i meant to vote to keep twiggy but i voted for day
  8. I voted for the day! I love the style. I'm not too fond of the Twiggy style. I had an 05 Turquoise Twiggy (my all-time faavorite color) but sold it because the shape just didn't work for me.
  9. I voted twiggy. I like all 3 styles but twiggy is def one of my faves at the moment, I prefer the day in colours like black, tan and the bright colours like magenta etc and I just think the twiggy is a better size than the first plus you can have it on your arm as well as your shoulder unlike the day.:smile:
  10. I love the first and I think it looks amazing in the ink!
  11. keep the day!! i think Ink looks fabulous in this style, I absolutely adore mine!!!
  12. I voted for the Twiggy. I think the Ink looks amazing in the Twiggy! I've been jonesing for one since I saw the pic of LiLo carrying hers. Toooo cute!:heart:
  13. I voted for the twiggy ... I just think that it is a good size, it's more versatile.
  14. Are you torn about the twiggy because you feel like you can never love it as much as that first one that got stolen? :crybaby:
  15. I voted for day - just not such a fan of twiggy at all... but in the end you should keep whichever one you use more.