Help! I'm not too smart....

  1. I just got the Jack and Lucie key ring and I can't figure out how to open the key holder part. I can manage the clip fine, it is the round part that has me all flustered. :cursing:

    Can someone help me? :sweatdrop:
  2. ah sorry i cant help! but congrats on getting the keychain! dont forget to post piccys!
  3. Duh! I found the answer on Google!!!

    In case anyone wants to know-
    Instructions to operate the circular clasp

    Pull the T shaped bar towards the attached charms.
    Keeping the mechanism open rotate the circular banding until a horse shoe shape is shown.
    Attach strap, keys etc
    Rotate the banding back towards the T shaped bar until it snaps back in to place.
  4. Hold the top and bottom of the lock and pull it gently. It should click then just turn it either way it should open.
  5. Here is a pic....
  6. Congrats! This is the way I attach mine so it can't get stolen. Most people don't know how to open that part.
  7. lol same thing happened to me w/pastilles keychain
    I was like, what the heck?? my SA didn't even show me how to open it
    took me a while to figure it out
    btw, cute charm!! congrats
  8. lol. I wonder if those of us who own keychains that have openings like these had trouble opening it at first. :p
  9. ^ i sure the heck know i did! lol! my sa attached my pastilles to my bag so i had ZERO idea how to take it off! i called her and asked her how in the HECK to take it off! she laughed :biggrin: i don't feel bad tho as she told me almost all her customers call to ask how it's done!
  10. Lol I did! My DAD had to show me how to open it. :roflmfao: