HELP! I'm NOt Sure I Want This Bag

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  1. I bid on a bag on eBay today, and I'm the high bidder. The auction will be over soon, and I'm not sure the bag is authentic. Can I remove my bid?:confused1::confused1:
  2. Here's what the eBay site says:

    You cannot retract the bid during the last 12 hours of the listing, unless the seller agrees.

    Please contact the seller to request that your bid be canceled. However, it is up to the seller's discretion whether or not to cancel your bid.
  3. Please post an auction link.

  4. Thank you. :smile:
  5. Did you post an auction link in the appropriate section of this site so we could authenticate it?
  6. I have had bidders retract their bids within the last 5 minutes.
    Technically you are not allowed/supposed to do this, but the ebay system does not prevent bids from being retracted within the last 12 hours.
    I think basically it's a rule that is not enforced.
  7. Is that in recent history? As I understood it the site will not allow you to retract in the last 12 hours UNLESS you have bid in the last 12 hours
  8. What was your max bid? You may still be outbid and then you won't have the retracted bid on your account.

    For example, I was watching a Bbag and it was going at a great price, I had my esnipe all set up...watching, waiting for the last 5 seconds, and literally in the last minute it went up almost $250!

    So, you may still be outbid.
  9. If you end up winning, and the bag is not authentic, you can choose not to pay but you may risk getting a negative. You should try to mutually agree not to complete the transaction and let the seller either get their listing fees back or have them sell to the next bidder.
  10. It was quite a while ago and actually I think they had placed their bid within the last 12 hours.
  11. I think you can still retract in the last 12 hours if you bid in the last 12 hours, eBay make so many rules and changes to the rules it's hard work to keep on top of it all!!
  12. I state on my auctions that I will accept withdrawal for buyers remorse before the auction ends. But once I send the bag, I won't accept a return for buyers remorse. Just easier for me that way. I'd rather eat the listing fee than have to deal with refunds.

    Maybe email the seller and see what she will do.
  13. i think you can retract in the last 12 hours if you bid within the last 12 hours, and you retract within 1 hour of placing the bid.
  14. If the auction hasn't ended and you can't retract you can always ask the seller to cancel your bid. As a seller I would rather do this than deal with a potential NPB or fake allegation.
  15. Finally, what happen? You win it?