Help! im new and i need coach shoe help. Please help

  1. hi everyone
    im new to tpf, but not new to coach. however i plan on making my first coach shoe buy sometime this weekend.(using my pce:tup:) i fell in love with the sweetie wedge but last weekend i happened to go to Nordstrom and saw a similar wedge but with a scarf on it. :drool:(ive looked for it on the coach and both Nordstrom and lord&taylor(saw it there also) websites but cant find it:crybaby:) has anyone seen or have shoe? i think its called Tena but im not sure. does anyone know if i can order it at the boutique if i dont know the style #??
  2. welcome, i can't answer your question but someone here can! bump!
  3. Coach often designs different shoe styles for their boutiques versus the department stores. Sometimes, it's the same shoe style but with subtle differences such as having a different type or colored bow. I'd recommend getting the style number for the shoes that you saw at Nordstrom's and then calling Coach Customer Service or your local Coach store to see if the style number for the shoes is available for ordering (directly from Coach). Also, I've heard that some Nordstrom's stores will honor your Coach PCE discount if you show them the discount card. Last December, my local Nordstrom's was able to match the Coach sale price of the Katelyn sneakers for me.
  4. Yes, I have the Tena shoe and it's beautiful!! Are you talking about the shoe with the wedge heel?:tup:
  5. Try to get the style number. If it starts with an A then it's a department exclusive and only available through the department store. If it starts with a Q its possible to order it from the coach store and you can get it for PCE. But just like an above poster said sometimes macy's or nordstrom's will honor the discount and give you 25% off the department store price just as long you show them the card. Hope this helps! Good luck!