Help!!! Im Lost In San Francisco!!!

  1. O.K. so Im here in Frisco on Business with the hubby and sitting in the hotel room twiddeling my fingers.
    We went down town the other night and I was well.......:wtf: ......thats the only way I can explain how I felt going down the one way streets, and OY, the crowds! By the time we actually found a parking spot that was almost $30, all of my favorite stores like LV etc.had just closed!:cursing: This town is full of honking horns and hills, and oh, huge men all dressed up like female hookers:push: HELP!!! Anyone live here???:sweatdrop:
  2. I do!
  3. Where do you want to go?
  4. Lol!!!

  5. Yay!! Its great to know someone lives here! I dont even know where to begin on where to go. Do you have any suggestions?
  6. If you are trying to go shopping I'd suggest going to Post street Saks is on Post and there is reasonable parking across the street (underground- $2.50 per hr I think)
  7. Also on that block is Tiffany's, LV, Ferragamo, Goyard, Niketown....
  8. Thanks sounds great! We'll be here for 2 weeks so I'll have to check it out:nuts:
  9. Further down Post is Pink, Burberry, Chanel, Levi's, Armani, Saks Men's store....
  10. I have lived here for 3 weeks now. The weather is great today, how about a walk on the waterfront around/near the Ferry building?
  11. Hehe, welcome to San Francisco. The other day in downtown a trannie was doing a strip tease on someone's car at a stoplight, I'm really glad it wasn't mine. Lol.

    It's great weather! Hit up Alcatraz, it sounds cheesy but it is pretty cool. You have to buy tickets ahead of time, like a day or so ahead. Go back to Union Square. I usually park in the garage at the Metreon across from the mall (5th and Mission I think). I usually take taxis when people are visiting, its so much more convenient than circling around for parking.

    There is some sort of view from the Golden Gate area, Vista Point or something? It gets cold around 4 or 5 though. Go relax in North Beach (Little Italy) with some coffee. While you're there, check out one of my favorite restaurants, Trattoria Contadina up Union Street a couple blocks (on Mason and Union).

    Have fun.
  12. I was born and raised in the bay area, yet every time I go to SF I still get insanely lost!!! :wacko: I was just there a few days ago to do some shopping...We parked at the 5th street parking structure across the street from bloomies, and walked the 2 blocks up to union square. Parking there wasn't TOO pricey, but it was in a great, convinient location. Have fun in SF!!! :flowers:
  13. I lived in SF for decades. I miss it.

    Take a taxi for everything. Driving, parking, and traffic are horrible.

    My fav spots:

    Union Square. Take a taxi. Then ask an SA or someone for walking directions to Bloomies. People in SF are very friendly and helpful to tourists.
    Union Street. Take a taxi. Charming.
    If Obiko is still in business, go there.

    Museums - in order of my preferences
    Palace of Legion of Honor
    de Young museum in Golden Gate Park
    Museum of Modern Art

    I like to buy gifts for friends at museum stores. My friends get a unique gift and the museums get the benefit of my purchases.

    Japanese Gardens in Golden Gate Park
    Have tea in the teahouse. The Japanese Gardens are next to the de Young museum.

    Check with the SF Visitors center to see what is going on.
    I love the SF Ballet. They have performances this week and next. The Opera House is beautiful.

    I also love the SF Symphony
    Choose concerts when Michael Tilson Thomas is conducting. He is fabulous.

    Best view
    Top of the BofA building in the Financial District
    Cocktail lounge on the 50+ floor. View is spectacular if there is NO fog. Drinks are pricey but who cares! Just get one or two.

    If Stars restaurant is still around, have dinner there with hubby. It's on Van Ness.
    For lunch or dinner, go to the Cliff House for a fabulous view of the Pacific Ocean. It's at the west end of Geary. Take a taxi.
    If you want to have lunch with a view, go to Anthony's at Fisherman's Wharf.

    High tea
    Fabulous afternoon tea complete with exquisite little sandwiches, scones, Devon cream, chocolates, pastries can be had at these hotels:
    Ritz Carlton
    Palace (Market St)
    Food is generous. Enough for lunch or dinner. Inform hubby that full bar is available.

    Watch out for pickpockets. Keep your purse tight against your body.

    Don't worry about the cross-dressers and gay guys. They are far too vain and concerned about themselves to think about bother you! Just enjoy the colorful scenery!

    Bart and Muni are fine during daylight hours. Avoid evening.


    Post if you have questions - I'll be watching this thread.
  14. If you walk down to the ferry building The Slanted door
    restaurant is excellent, it's at the end of the Ferry building. It's supposed to rain on Saturday (keep that in
    mind).... Fillmore is a great not so touristy shopping and eatting me if you want anymore info. or tips
  15. hahaha! sorry your post made me laugh... don't live there and never been either