Help!!! Im looking for online.....

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  1. Hello there...

    Please help me out..I'm looking for online sites that sell authentic designer bags...:love:

    I know there were previous site with the url but i can't seem to find please help out this super fustrated girl!!:evil:

    I know there is elux...and that is the only one i know..!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU FOR THE HELP!!
  2. Look at our Seller Watch thread...There is a sticky w/ a list of fake sellers. Net-a-porter is legit as well.
  3. I heard efashionhouse was legit
  4. :biggrin: And LVR.
  5. It also depends on which designer you're looking for. Any idea{s}?
    swankymama: prada, dior, gucci.
  7. thank u everyone for there help..!!
  9. LVR =
  10. you can order from,,, as well.
  11. Oh, and if you use, you can get $$ back in the form of a mastercard gift card: 8% bluefly, 4% Neiman's, 14% yoox, and many more! Check it out!
  12. do these places ship to canada?
  13. You'll have to check the shipping policies for each site, but I can tell you for sure that Saks, Neiman Marcus, Gucci, and Bergdofs do not ship to Canada. I don't think Eluxury has been mentioned but they do not ship to Canada either. I think you might be able to call Neimans to place international orders. Net-a-Porter does ship to Canada but they don't sell any of the brands you listed. They do have some Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, etc... Good Luck! It's hard to find people that ship to Canada.
  14. whatzerface: yea its really the gucci site doesn't ship up here....u have to order it thourgh their store