HELP-I'm looking for large betty on sale

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  1. I called Saks & Nordstrom and they said they didn't have any left.
    It seems like people are still finding it with the great price. Please let me know if you find any large betty on sale.
  2. I only see them on sale on but not even 50% off
  3. I know instores BG had them for 70% off. You can try calling their cs # and seeing if they will match their instore prices?
  4. they wouldn't match for me, first they wanted proof in writing, then the cs rep confirmed with the store for me but she said the store could have been having a special sale just for a few days and/or last call sale which wouldn't count anyway, they can not honor that price match on clearance.....I did get mine 50% off though so maybe I can help you get one 50% off with my proof, at lease that would make up for what they wouldn't do for me! I'm ok with just the 50 off, I LOVE the bag, Love the color I got, and I got free shipping and no tax.........and it's still less expensive than any Louis I have my eye on right now!
  5. Try calling up a few Century 21's in the NY area. I'm not sure if they ship.. but i KNOW that they had the large chloe betty in tan there.