Help I'm looking for a reissue 2.55 in 225 0r 266 in Europe

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  1. I'm pretty new to Chanel because I'm usually a Balenciaga-girl but I fell in love with the reissue 2.55 in black with the silver chain in 225 or 226.
    I tried to track one down here in Europe but they seem to be sold out everywhere. :sad:
    So please it would be great if you could help me find one:yes:
    Thanks in advance!!:smile:
    Sorry, silly me put a typo in the title it's not 266 it has to be 226
  2. Tanja... are you cheating on balenciaga? ;)
    good luck finding the reissue....
  3. hi hun
    i've been to 2 Paris stores and the one in Galleries Lafatte and they only have the white patent reissue (which i also bought)

    I don't think they have any other colours available when i inquired about them

    Good luck with your hunt.
    Ebay had one a few weeks back but it was with the gold chain but it was for US$2500 or so