HELP! I'm looking for a Luxury Ligne Gold Flap

  1. Does anyone know of any stores that might still have a flap in gold?
    CC LL Gold Flap.jpg
  2. Did you try eBay? You could also try calling chanel's 800# and see if one of the representatives can help you locate one. Good luck!
  3. I doubt it. . . this may have been one of the colors that they had a lot of trouble with.
  4. ^Yeah, I think so too.. And I think it's pretty sold out already..
  5. What happened with this color?
  6. I wouldn't buy this color... I had the gold bowler, and both the gold and silver bowler's (and I'm sure flaps, since they are made of the same metallic goatskin) had material defects. The metallic rubbed off literally after two uses! Chanel had to take the bags back... so I brought mine back after over a year. Anyway, I would suggest black metallic flap (no issues there - I have one, as well as a bowler), a calfskin, or a patent luxury flap if you like this style. HTH, and good luck! :smile:
  7. Thanks for the information. I had wanted to get a silver flap, and now I think I'll go for a metalic black flap definately.
  8. Thank you for the info!!
  9. How about the Silver Flap? Any defects at all? Not this color... The plain silver one..
  10. Rica, do you mean the metallic silver flap? :confused1: I know Jenn (clkgirl55) had the metallic silver bowler and had problems with it, but I'm pretty sure that the gold and silver leather's in general were defective... so whether it's a flap, or a bowler, or a tote, I'd stay away from the metallic goatskin in either the silver or the gold. :sad:
  11. The dark silver flap though does not have any problems... they corrected the issue when they released that color... I have a dark silver bowler, and no problems! :smile:
  12. i saw a luxury flap at the NM in White Plains, NY yesterday in bronze (at least i think it was bronze). if you're interested in the luxury flap, i would give them a call.
  13. they had a luxury black metallic flap at Saks new york yesterday if you are interested. Ask for Susan. She showed it to me yesterday evening.