help im inlove with chanel

  1. hi guys this is my first time to post here :smile: im more of an lv fan but after i saw swankymama's flap luxeline i sooo fell inlove with it :heart: does any of you know if it comes in many sizes and what size and color swankymama's flap luxe line is? and how much the price is? :biggrin: thanks in advance :yes: thanks for your help swankymama :heart:
  2. Welcome to the Chanel subforum:biggrin: I too am in love :heart: with Chanel. I can't decide between the Luxe flap or the medium bowler. I think the flap is about $2200?
  3. She's hopeless! We're been PMing and she's hopelessly in love just like the rest of us!
  4. ME TOO!!!!!!!!! count me in I LOVE luxe line
  5. yeah chanel is such a classic! you should totally get at least ONE or TWO or THREE pieces (or more... hehehe) of chanel. i cant wait to get my first piece! Its just a matter of waiting....
  6. wow anything in the luxe line would be a great way to start off a Chanel collection!
  7. hehe- you won't find much help here- just a ton of enablers. lol! Lots of info though.
  8. Next season F?W will come out with similar to LUX line.
    Almost like Hobo with chain run inside of the body of handbag. I think it's so pretty.

    Lux line price below;

    Flap bag
    2225.00 Come in Red, Black, Bone(White),Metallic Black,
    Silver and gold

    Bowler- Medium Long

    Bowler- Medium
    2160.00- In leather
    1795.00 - In denim (+/-)

    Large Bowler
    2420.00 in Leather (+/-)
    1900.00 in Denim (+/-)
  9. Thanks for the info Giagiaja!
  10. thanks for the info guys :yes: im saving so i can own a chanel :heart: i believe it is a classsic definitely a keeper :biggrin:
  11. OMG! Look at these colors! They're beautiful....just beautiful. Thanks for posting the pics, GiaGiaja!
  12. oh I LOVE those new Lux totes!
  13. welcome to chanel! the lux line is superb... start investing! =D