Help..I'm indecisive & don't want to make a mistake..

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  1. I have the Black Epi Petit Noe on it's way and my next bag purchase will be the Epi Alma most likely in Cassis. Both bags have silver tone hardware. I have no wallets with silver tone hardware. As far as wallets go I have the Pomme French Purse..White Suhali Compact Zip..Damier Koala and the Ludlow in Amarante. I think I want something with silver tone hardware maybe the pochette wallet in cassis. But I also love Vernis so I've been thinking of the violette zippy coin purse or pochette(which again has gold hardware). What do you think? Go with the Epi cause of the silver hardware or go with pretty vernis? I'm so confused on which to get. Any suggestions?? All suggestions welcome!!
  2. I would go with the epi with the silver hardware. I don't mind mixing and matching, but not with metals. I don't know why but I think it looks odd.
  3. I don't mind mixing silver and gold. It's no big deal for me. It sounds like you're leaning towards vernis. Get vernis, don't get the Epi with silver HW just because they match!
  4. I don't mind mixing gold and silver hardware so I'd probably go with something in Vernis! But if you think it's something that's going to bother you, then you should get something with silver hardware. I have the Epi Zippy in Cassis and love it!
  5. I would buy an Epi wallet for my Epi bags...
  6. i love vernis, but i think the hardware would annoy me, plus the alma in cassis is so gorg, a wallet would be stunning, and if it less bucks you could get something else he he , in short i say epi alfie x
  7. I would go for an epi wallet:tup: