Help! I'm in search of a great PLUM LEATHER bag

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I cant seem to locate the perfect plum bag... There are a couple one's i've seen online but I'd like to see all the sizes and shapes. I like bags on the smaller size... but not too small- something functional for day use, just not oversized tote bags....

    So please, let me know of styles and sizes of some Plum Leather bags. Please post modeling pics too if you happen to have any... Modeling pics help so much!!

  2. I vote for the plum leather belted ergo ...either the hobo or the tote! I do not own a plum bag, but if I can find one in the outlets, she's coming home w/ me!!! There are alot of ppl on here that have this bag though....GOOD LUCK!!!!
  3. Hope you find one, the Plum is Gorgeous!:tup:
  4. I don't know if you like the pebbled leather at all, but I just bought a large Chelsea hobo at the outlet after Christmas, and my outlet had tons of choices in the plum Chelseas. I LOVE mine, can't wait to use it! I also got the matching wallet.

    BUT, if I ever happen upon a plum Ergo of any sort, I am soooo buying it! LOL
  5. Hey! I have the Ergo Belted Magazine Tote in Plum. It's GORGEOUS!!



    You'll have trouble finding this one though, there aren't many around any longer.
  6. I saw a Plum Belted Ergo Hobo at the Edinburgh, IN outlet this past Saturday (01/05)....good luck!
  7. THIS IS THE PICTURE THAT ENABLED ME TO GO OUT TO MY BOUTIQUE AND PURCHASE MY BELTED ERGO HOBO IN TOBACCO!!!!! My outlet has NO plum ergos YET....but when they get them in, one may follow me home...:graucho:
  8. I want a plum Ergo Tote so bad! I just hope that they make it to my outlet soon.
    I can take the plum over a pink bag anyday. That color is so rich and beautiful.
  9. I also vote for the plum leather belted ergo. It is a goreous bag and I love the color. Good luck with your search!
  10. I saw one small belted ergo hobo in plum at the Carlsbad, CA outlet on Saturday, but I cannot remember the price at all. The plum ergos have hit the outlets though - the color is gorgeous in person with that breass hardware. Good luck finding one!
  11. Heres my plum belted ergo hobo. And to think I almost didnt keep this bag because I wasnt sure about it!!
    ergo smallest.JPG
  12. :drool: GORGEOUS!!! I bet you are LOVING that bag now!!!!! :drool:
  13. Wow, I really love the ergo's!!! I believe the plum ergo might be the next on my list!!!

    Its a good thing I'm going to outlet this weekend. It'll be my first time!!! YAAAY!!!