Help!!! I'm In Paris Hermes!!!

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  1. HI EVERYONE!!! I'm here in grand ole' Paris for another 2 days and so far I've been to Hermes twice 2 days in a row!! I know that Gina_B has already posted a thread on all the goodies that she found at the Mother Ship, but since I have only an hour of internet time to use, I was wondering if any of you ladies could help me out!!!! I spoke to an SA on Monday about finding a birkin and was immediately shown a beautiful swift 35cm Orange Birkin w/G hardware. It was beautiful yet I had to turn it down bc I already had a kelly w/ swift leather and was looking for another leather.
    The vibe I got from this SA didnt seem good. He seemed too eager to sell me this Birkin and didn't seem to want to help me out. He also told me that they didn't expect any Birkins coming in at all!!!!! Okay now I'm confused....I thought they had shipments in everyday????? Like I said, NOT A GOOD VIBE!!!
    Today I went again, this time another SA....she immediately told me NO BIRKINS RIGHT NOW!!! SOOOOO my question is....AM I DOING SOMETHING WRONG??? ANY ADVICE PLS HELP ME ASAP!!!! I'M SOOO DESPERATE!!! DID ANY OF YOU LADIES HAVE A PARTICULAR SA U USED?? I know gina_b had an excellent SA while she was in Paris...does anyone remember who she is??? I tried to do a search for it but my internet connection sucks right now..I couldnt get a result...HELP PLEASE!!!!!
  2. Hang in there Moviegirl! Do not buy something you do not want!!! If you are there 2 more days, go back tomorrow and the next day. They seem to have shipments daily, so don't give up hope ;)
  3. AWWWW...THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! Sorry that I sound so desperate!!!! I promise once I get back to the US or when I can get better internet access, I will report back and post pics of the beautiful Hermes windows that I saw and ALL the beautiful H goodies that I saw there. I'm lucky to have such wonderful and caring H "friends" here....I knew that y'all could help me feel better. BTW, sorry gina_b for sending u 2 PM's that were almost identical. My connection is bad and I wasn't sure if my first PM went through. that a beautiful GOYARD I spy in your avatar??? I passed my the GOYARD store too and am thinking that I might have to buy one to satisfy my cravings.....HMMMMM.....
  4. Hang in there!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.....
  5. ^^^oh goodness...GOOD LUCK!!! Hope you find something!!! Find Gina_b, Katyc, and Wong's pictures of their BIRKINS and "RUB THE SCREEN"!!!:smile:

    Otherwise, hope you are having a good time!!!:heart:
  6. Good luck and have fun.
    Can't wait to hear some good news.
  7. Good luck Moviegirl!!! You have 2 more days, ample time to find the Birkin you want!!! :flowers:
  8. Moviegirl, yes that is my St. Louis PM - thank you!

    OMG!!! When I go to Paris, that is where I am headed - to the Mothership and to Goyard - LOL!

    Good luck at Hermes!
  9. Hang in there Moviegirl, we are all pulling for you! Can't wait for a full report and pics.

    Safe travels!
  10. good luck moviegirl! am sure there will be a perfect birkin for you in the next couple of days!
  11. Moviegirl.. The boutique has a policy to serve every single customer who walks in.. if they say no birkin, then they're not lying for sure!

    Ive been told by the SA that the best time to visit the boutique is 2:30 since they get their delivery around 2-2:30:smile: goodluck!!!
  12. Moviegirl...sending good luck vibes your way!!! can't wait to hear all about your trip and I have my fingers crossed that Hermes will not disappoint! Good Luck!!!!!! :party:
  13. good luck Moviegirl....
  14. I wish you the best of luck as well! Hope you find something fabulous!
  15. Moveigirl, Best of luck of finding the dream bag :smile::smile: and have fun in Paris !
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