Help! I'm in over my head!

  1. I'm just getting into the world of purses, handbags, shoulderbags. I was really uninformed as to how many styles there are. The classiest I'm come across so far, is a Rendl Original. It had a beautiful patina, but it took me forever to identify it, as the logo was almost worn away. This time I'm really stuck, I've got another great bag, I'd love to know anythiing about it, but I've no idea who made it. Does anyone else know? Thanks,
    Leather Bag.jpg
  2. Wow- Rendl. My Mom had one that I now own. It's beautiful. It's made by Rendl original purse makers. I don't know that they are still manufacturing but I have seen them come up in auctions occasionally.
  3. Hi Rose,
    Thanks for the reply. I don't think they're still operating. The bag I have is from the 30's or 40's. Very fine, deep burgundy reptile leather.
  4. Neil, they are truly fantastic bags. Mine is black alligator.