HELP! I'm in London, now what?

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  1. I'm studying here in London for the semester, and I'm totally at a loss for where to go or what to do. I've been trying to read a lot of online resources about pubs/clubs etc, but I haven't been able to get a genuine "vibe" from any of these reviews, and I'm puzzled by how the clubs seem to be categorized by the type of music they play. I don't understand the difference between "house" and "trance," but more importantly, I don't know how that translates into the type of crowd that frequents it, etc. One of our orientation "guides" (who was somewhat condescending) told us that if we were to go to places like Hoxel, we would have to dress "artsy" and that if we carried a little kate spade bag, we would have to ditch it or we wouldn't fit in. I'm really confused by what this means or what I should even wear out, like what's acceptable? I guess to make this short, I'm asking if anyone knows of any fun bars/clubs to meet people in their early 20s, that wouldn't be too expensive or crazy to get into. I'm living in South Kensington, and so I'd really love to explore other areas, but it's been raining for pretty much the whole time I've been here so I kind of need a direction. Any other tips or general help would be EXTREMELY appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Well...I dont live in London. I live nearer to Cambridge, but my advice would be to go down the street to one of the local pubs (with a friend! Buddy system!) and try to meet some people your age...The British are super friendly once you get them started. Don't be shy! Good luck!
  3. Hi Honey, I feel your pain, but honestly, its rubbish to say that you wont fit into a certain club, everybody has a different take on what to wear, and you certainly wont be banished or outcast because of what you are wearing!

    I love the vibe of Central London, and I always head for the Jewel Bar at Picadilly Circus first

    its nice, a friendly atmosphere, and there are lots of other places around to visit once you are there. Its not embarassing either to chat to the bar staff, while you are there, and tell them what music you like and ask if they could recommend anywhere for you :smile:

    It will only take you a few nights out (honestly) to find your feet and soon you will want to try so many places you wont know where to go next!!!!

    In Kensington, have you heard of the Roof Gardens, thats a club night twice a week if I remember (get your name down on a guest list!) and try there too

    Covent Garden is lovely too, lots of more bars than clubs there, but again, safe and friendly.

    Enjoy your stay honey ;)
  4. ^^ Thank you so much for all the info! I think we're going to go to Picadilly Circus tonight and see what it's like. We're especially looking for cheap places since most of our budgets are pretty limited - a 7 pound drink would be close to $15 with the exchange rate being so unfavorable. I'll definitely be sure to check out the Roof Gardens, thanks for the link!

  5. Off topic, but Chloe-babe, do you go to Roof Gardens? I was there over the summer, my friend has a membership. Maybe we were there at the same time!
  6. I don't live in London so I can't give you any specific advice. But maybe your college friends can help you out? Chances are they have a better understanding of what you are looking for. :flowers:

    In general, I found London to be expensive unless you are going to pubs (I remember many around Soho). I don't really know any of the clubs. I just go wherever my friends go.

    Trance is more of a relaxed beat (people "groove" to it). House is more upbeat, better for dancing.
  7. ah Sonja I wish I was, that would have been fab, I havent been at all in the past year, I was there the year before after a lovely dinner in Kensington :smile:

    I forgot to add, I really hope you are enjoying your time in London, how are you finding it so far, and are you coping with the weather ok!!!
  8. To the OP: please don't stress out over this. You need to take your time to meet people and get to dip your toe in the clubs' water. Don't fret about what bag to carry or what shoes to wear, aside from the obvious dress code regulations. It takes a bit of time to build a social life in a new city, and London isn't friendly looking at first, I know it very well.
    Don't lose heart and socialize, socialize, socialize.
    Enjoy your time in London!
  9. I'd kill to be in your place, 20 years old, and in London, alone!

    Hit the pubs dear, make friends, and when you find the crowd you like, then you'll decide what to wear or what club to go to.
    I really love Camden, and the local bars, most have amazing lives. I saw Mojave 3 in Camden Lock, and Magic Numbers in Bar Fly.

    I've heard that the area around Tate Modern has developed a lot, and now is filled with trendy bars.

    Also just a walk down Piccadilly Circus is fun!

    God! I'm jealous...
  10. start walking! its the best way to discover the city.
  11. I'm sorry I don't have any advice for you I don't know London very well but I laughed at this line
    but it's been raining for pretty much the whole time I've been here
    :yes: that happens a lot here
  12. You are so lucky!!!
    My daughter graduated from hs and took off to London at 17 all by herself - not knowing a soul!
    She did a semester at Richmond.
    (Is that where you are?)

    It took her a week or two to get situated, but had the time of her life.

    You will have so much fun!

    Surf the internet to find out all the fun places to go and see, I recall there are some great websites. And def. study the Tube and how to get around.

    I remember her telling me she loved the area - Camden.
    When her father and I went to visit, we loved the Covent Garden!!

    And def. hit all the art galleries if you like that!

    Good luck to you!!!!!!!!

  13. Haha yea I totally expected that, but that's why I really needed some direction - I couldn't just wander around because it was pouring and I was getting soaked trying to find places. Thanks to everyone who offered some advice, it's been really helpful, we're actually going to the bar Walk About tonight! And by the way, I'm going through Boston University and they actually have like their own little program in London, so I dorm with American students and take classes with them, which is why I haven't really met many British college students yet!

    Anyway we went to this bar Janet's last night in South Kensington, and the owner (Janet) was an American and was SO RUDE to us. We were sitting at a table and the place wasn't that crowded, and 3/4 of us ordered beers but the other girl didn't want to drink (since they were 4 pounds each or $8). She came over to us and was like "Ok which one of you didn't order a drink, you all have to order something!" So the girl was like "oh ok well then I'll just have a beer then," but "Janet" continued to tell us off and starting yelling "you know I have music, no cover, and it's a complete JOKE if you're going to just sit here and not order anything." Everyone in the bar was staring at us, we were so embarrassed! I just thought it was especially rude and uncalled for since the girl immediately agreed to buy a drink! Anyway we looked up reviews of the place later and a lot of people had the same type of impression. Not a good way to get people to come back!

    So we're going to go to Picadillys Circus tonight and see what we find, hopefully it will be fun! And other suggestions would be wonderful!
  14. steer clear of any pub that doesn't have an "&" in the name (ie; the Slug & Lettuce, Sheep & Fowl, the Cock & Bull etc.) There have been alot of yuppies that have tried to take over and "modernize" alot of the cool little pubs. ("Janets" is lame). They are destroying the vibe. Stay away.
  15. now that's a little harsh, they don't all have & in the name. the freemason's arms, the cock, the holly bush, olde white bear are all good pubs without an &, and that's just off the top of my head. they do tend to have old fashioned names as a rule though. the slug & lettuce is a chain anyway.

    i don't think janet's is supposed to be a pub anyway, the bar scene and pub scene are completely separate. not that i'd choose to visit janet's under any circumstances based on what i've read now :lol: