Help! I'm in Chains! Question about Hardware..

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  1. sorry if this is a little long! i'm a chanel virgin and have been searching and reading previous threads but am still confused.. :P

    last year's (fall's?) metallic reissues in navy and black with black hardware -

    is the hardware on both exactly the same? are they both what is known as ruthenium? to me, the black hardware looks a lot darker on the black leather.. but it could be a trick of the eye

    here are 2 examples of what i mean.. (i hope it is ok to attach these!)

    also, are the leather textures on both the same? a chanel SA showed me a metallic she said was from last year and it looked like it was, i dont know, glazed in saran wrap or something!
  2. the textures should be the same and i know the hardware came in black, silver, and gold for the reissues..sorry that is all i know since that is what i have seen..but i do not own a reissue yet..
  3. The black hardware on the blue metallic camera bag from last year had a very subtle iridescence to it. I loved that quality. If you look at the closeup of the blue bag from ebay shows that iridescence. I found that to be a lovely detail. Unfortunately, I returned the bag, but couldn't let go of the color of the hardware. I eventually received the white reissue with black hardware, but it's different -- no irridescence. No issue, because it is a striking bag.
    The black bag from the ebay listing has hardware similar to my new white bag.
    Not sure about the glazes, but I just loved the black hardware of the navy bag; it is really special.
    Hope this helped