Help! I'm having trouble...

  1. On deciding which bag to buy:


    Gucci abbey blue script shoulder bag at the great sale price of $4130HK (about $543USD) (original $5900, about $776USD 30% off)



    Louis Vuitton Bowling Montaigne PM, original price, LV never goes on sale! (I will need to save up for this though)

    I know that this is the GUCCI forum, but as much as I love Gucci, I would really like an LV. I absolutely love both bags but cannot decide! The allure of the sale price is too great! And also, the Gucci bag will be gone soon, whereas the LV I can buy any time because it's the equivalent of a classic bag. Also, I'm not that much of a fan of LV's leather, it's hard and rigid, but unfortunately it's what makes it durable and I want to buy a bag that can last...

    However I am afraid of buying a fabric bag, because it might fray like my last Abbey. I've heard the epi is very durable and I also want to buy an all-leather bag, however the sale Gucci leather bags didn't really fit my needs and the ones I like are a bit out of my budget and are going to be gone soon (wave boston, peggy)! And also, I already have a bag and shoes from the cruise collection! I saw the fw collection in the boutique today actually, and unfortunately it wasn't really to my taste, however I'm sure there are more bags... Would the Gucci bag be useable during fall/winter or is it just good for spring summer? I definitely know the LV is good year-round though..

    Sorry for this ultra long post, but someone please help me out!! :sweatdrop: I have this neverending debate going on inside my head right now!

  2. being a fan of Gucci and LV, you should definitely get the 2nd one (LV). But you gotta remember that ivory (if I remember the color name correctly) epi's are hard to take care of cuz it's white...but above all else, I'd be in love with girls who uses those ivory epi LV bags...very chic and stylish :graucho:

    As for the Gucci Abbey, I'm not really fond of the color and how it's written Gucci all over it...and everybody knows the durability difference between Gucci and I think LV would definitely be worth your investment!!!
  3. IMHO... go for the LV. I'm not a big fan of that Gucci fabric :yes:
  4. same here. I dont like fabric bags.
  5. Go with the LV.It is a very classic bag. I don't care for the Gucci at all.
  6. i like the LV design better...but i think the gucci is cute and fun! and the price point is AWESOME!!

    You do have a wonderful point...u can ALWAYS get the LV but u can never go back and get the gucci!! i think u should go with the gucci...ull deff have something no one else does :smile: and itll be super cute

    white bags like that scare me, itll be cute once in a while but every day use its going to get flithy! id rather have a worn bag than an obviously flithy bag!
  7. LV...its cuter!
  8. The LV bag will have more longevity over that particular style of Gucci. Even though the price of the Gucci is tempting, I don't know if you'll wear it for years and years.
  9. the LV is more classic.
  10. I like both designers but I don't particularly like that type of gucci. That LV however is even on my list! I saw it in the store yesterday and it's not soft like leather but the SA said it's durable etc. It definitely looks better and classy, but careful with the white!:tup:
  11. I pick the LV as well.
  12. Thanks everyone! Hmm.. I definitely do know the LV will last longer, but now I'm a bit scared about the white epi leather, I've heard that it's easy to clean, literally stain-proof etc, but a lot of people say it can get filthy quickly.. If I do buy the LV it's gonna be used as an everyday bag!

    I could do with both bags.. I could really do with a fun, casual weekend bag, and also a durable, chic everyday bag

    Unfortunately, because I have children, I cannot buy as often so I tend to look for sales to satisfy my cravings...

    Thanks again! I'll figure it out... I may end up buying both - the Gucci now, the LV later... :graucho:
  13. But the Gucci first!

    And then save up for the LV!!! Or maybe get a different color of the Epi, one that's less difficult to maintain. The new one, amarante (am I correct) is really beautiful.