Help!!!!! I'm Frantic. Please Authenticate

  1. This came in the mail today. I'm not sure about it. The inside zipper seem generic.
    Picture 006.jpg Picture 007.jpg Picture 008.jpg Picture 009.jpg
  2. Envy can you re-shoot those interior pics? There's too much glare I think and it's hard to see the inside very well....did you buy it on eBay? Who was the seller?
  3. The label looks right to me and I have a white classic flap that I just got :love: that has that interior zipper, so I think it's good. Other opinions would be appreciated, though!
  4. Here are more pics. What's the verdict???
    Picture 012.jpg Picture 013.jpg
  5. it looks good to me.
  6. All zippers look like that when they have the circular Chanel charm dangling from it.
  7. it looks legit! i had to compare my brown caviar kelly to the grain of your bag in the pics
  8. I know what you mean the ZIPPER pull looks funny..It looks weird the way they just stuck the CC charm on the zipper...I am not sure if that is what it is suppose to look like,Sorry I can't help you
  9. it's pretty legit-looking to me. i'm not an expert, but it looks good! great find!
  10. Thanks everyone!:flowers:
  11. This is a shot of my zipper pull:
  12. I think it looks alright too.
  13. It's authentic. The color of the embossed stamp is gold and the hardware should be gold. That color stamp does mean something. If it is silver then the hardware should be silver.
  14. But what about the zipper itself. I can't imagine Chanel slapping on something so generic. I think I'll take it to the Chanel store or email it to someone at Chanel.