Help, I'm feeling floopy.....

  1. My "fundulation" did not post in time on Friday to get to H and snap up my nilo surprise...and H is closed through the holiday! :crybaby: waaaah! *stomp* *stomp*! :push:

    I need cyber hugs....I hope it is still there. :crybaby:
  2. ^^^Can't they hold it for you?
  3. Wahhhhh!!! I hope it's there when they reopen!
  4. (((((((((((((((((((haute))))))))))))))
  5. they could.......but these two store managers love to tell me how they can't hold anything....even though they held it one day for me....and held the other one i bought too. they just said "oh we would love to sell it to you but we cannot guarantee it will be her." flat out no. i even tried explaining it was a done deal, i didn't even need to see it. nothing worked. my new sweetie pie SA was on holiday... luckily it was near the end of the day friday, and i suppose most are gone for the long holiday? let's hope so, at least. waah.
  6. :heart:
  7. Oh, I'm crossing my fingers and send good vibes & my wishes....
  8. ^^Me too, HC, me too^^
  9. thank you ladies :love: i hope so too, i have to believe she'll be there...and if she is not, then i will have to deal with it...nitey night!
  10. Oh gosh HC.

    Mega big cyber hugs. I hope it'll be there when the store re-opens. As you said, all this happened late Friday.
  11. **Crossing my fingers & toes***
  12. (((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))
    I am sure it will be there on Tuesday-- just try to get there when they open!
  13. :wtf::wtf:

    I cannot believe how foul these assistants are to you
    A high spending client and they choose to use emotional blackmail.
    Is this a Corporate Location?

    The high spending regular clients in London are treated with reverence, as they expect to be.

    Of course the bag will be there they just seem to like playing power games.

  14. :heart:((((((((((HC)))))))))):heart:
  15. *hugs* Ahh gah to them. Call them first thing on monday morning and tell them you are coming to pick it up like now.