Help! I'm embarrased to wear my first LV!

  1. Girls, my first LV is on its way to Mom! a classic monogram speedy 30
    I'm happy but at the same time I'm afraid people will think I'm carrying a fake! (LV the most copied bag)
    I don't want them to give me "the look", :sad: or even worst, ask me if my bag it is fake or real? I would not know what to do! :push:
    I'm most a Gucci and Chanel fan , always receive compliments on my bags, I most likely wear collectible, hard to find pieces like my Gucci blondie bowler :love: shown on my avatar. What to do?:shrugs:
  2. Wear it! Enjoy it! Flaunt it!

    People will always judge. Let them. Who cares. As long as you're happy and loving your purse. That's all that should matters. =)
  3. I def. know how you feel.. everyone out there who sees a LV (esp. a Speedy) assumes its fake... but you just wer it proud, and if anyone dare say anything to you like how much it costs, just respond with something like 'way more than most people can afford....' THAT should shut them up... OR if they ask you if its real.. just smile politely and simply respond "yes."

    I am so sick of people assuming bags are fake and THEN having the audacity to ask how much it costs... sorry if im bitter.. needed to vent..

  4. Amen!! Don't let other people get in the way of you enjoying your new LV bag. As long as YOU love it, that is all that matters.;)
  5. I just don't get the whole embarrased thing about carrying LV...Maybe because of where I live. You have to have confidence in yourself. Be proud and hold your head high. Carry your bag with's real. :smile:
  6. Don't let people affect your joy! Wear it proudly and if you are asked by a rude person about its authenticity, just say you bet!
  7. I don't even think about it. Honestly. I just go about my business and do not give a moment's thought to what others' opinions might be. That would be a waste of energy.

    No one has ever inquired about the authenticity of my bags, either.
  8. You should feel happy when you carry your bag. As long as you know your's is authentic who cares what others think. I live in a city were the majority of designer bags you'll see are fake, it is a rarity to see one that is real and I always get those looks and whispers that say "she's just carrying fake" but I don't respond to them and I just smile b/c I know my Louis is real and am a proud Momma!
  9. I started a thread to talk about I felt so embarrassed to carry speedy 30 on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. I was on the street and I saw more than 5 people carrying the speedy (25/30, real/fake) around me. I did not have a good feeling at that moment, but people here told me to wear the bag with proud. It's a nice bag, really, I love it, but at the end I sold it just two days ago. It is only one and half month old~ I think I like something more unique, but hey that just know I probably buy the bag back later when I have enough money. Please do enjoying your speedy. I am missing her actually. BTW, it was my first LV too.^^
  10. Wear it and enjoy! Life is too short to worry about what others think.
  11. Carry it! The people who know you have seen your other real bags and the ones who'd think it's a fake don't matter.
  12. Don't let other people's thought ruin your bag-carrying experience! :biggrin:
  13. That's it! I guess that's how I feel. I don't feel "unique" anymore :rolleyes:
  14. I was worried I would feel this way, but I don't. I love my bag! I honestly don't care what people think of it - I bought it because I love it and saved up for it.
  15. Hun, it may not be unique but it's without a doubt a true, time-tested classic!!!!! Congrats btw!!!! My very first LV was the speedy 30, you'll just love it (I hope)...As for what others may say/think...who cares .?. But, if it's a case of where you just truly don't like the bag, and feel it doesn't "fit" with you, your lifestyle, your image then return it and get something more 'you'!!