Help!!! I'm Dying for a Aquamarine GGH PT!!!

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  1. After being on the Bal forum for some time and acquiring my first Bbag shortly afterwards, now I'm seriously looking into my second Bbag which will be a blue.

    After reviewing numerous posts on Balenciaga blues, I finally spotted my favorite: 07 Aquamarine!!!:heart:

    Now I'm dying to have a new 07 Aquamarine PT:hysteric:. Does anyone know where I can find it???

    Thank you in advance for all the advice!
  2. I think you'll have to wait for this one to come up on *bay...

    The new blues are lovely, though, and you might have a shot at a Turq or sky blue.

    Good luck!
  3. I saw one on the bay not too long ago. One will pop up, just keep your eyes peeled! GL!
  4. Sorry girls, please forgive my ignorance as I'm quite new to Bal. What is the bay? I suppose it's not ebay? Thanks!
  5. ^^Yep, it's ebay! We here at the forum have come to call ebay in a number of variations, there's EVILbay, FEEbay & *bay, just to name a few.:P

    Good luck with your search, I am also on the look out for an Aqua Bbag!:sweatdrop:
  6. Hi chinkee21, thank you so much for the help. The bay is a cute name! I like that!

    Good luck with your search too! What style are you looking after?
  7. ^^Hopefully a Work or Twiggy!:sweatdrop:
  8. You might also check out annsfabulousfinds or realdealcollection.
  9. Hi ronsdiva, thanks for the info. I've already contacted both and unfortunately both don't have any in stock. But I'm on the waiting list for both places as well. Fingers crossed that they'll soon contact me for one :smile:
  10. Can't help you with a part-time but Saks Boca Raton Florida has a GGH Aqua City available
  11. Hi blueeyez, thanks for the info! If I can't locate a PT, a City can also be an alternative.

    However, I'm just so intrigued with a GGH PT lately, don't know why...
  12. hey i think i saw one on the bay canada ?
  13. Try the Saks in Naples, FL - I don't know if they have this particular bag, but they do have a very large selection and I found my Tomato GGH PT there a little over a month when they were gone everywhere else! Ask for Shirin (pronounced like "Sharon") - she is wonderful, and is also knowledgeable about bbags!
  14. Hi Liz and CoutureObsessed, thank you very much for the info.

    Liz, I checked ebay, it's an Aquamarine RH City bag, not the GGH PT I want.

    CoutureObsessed, I've called Sakes Naples, FL and they've been quite nice.
    They don't seem to have the bag, but they are checking the stock for me in other Saks stores :smile: I'm still waiting for their feedback, hopefully I'll receive good news.
  15. Good Luck!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! Also, did you try BalNY? Not sure if they would have it or not, but I know that they do still have some Spring 07 stock left so it might be worth a try! Bill and Kim are both great to work with if you call! Anyway, I hope you find an amazing one!