Help! I'm being seduced!!!

  1. I am being seduced by the giant silver hardware :wtf: . Which is reall weird b/c I absolutely hate the giant :yucky: (so much so that I think I called them 'nipples' at one point), but I can not resist the silver :drool:.

    Picture this: Giant silver work in bleu glacier (:drool: :drool: ).

    Anyhoo... has anyone else been seduced by the gold or silver?
  2. I need to see a picture of the silver giant hardware!
  3. I would like to see pics also. The bbag in general has seduced me. My DH thinks I am crazy.(My DH thinks the box and the city look exactly the same and he calls me crazy:nuts: !?!)
  4. Sounds like some major Bal education is in order here! :love: (Just be careful to withhold the prices:graucho:)
  5. I am so seduced by the GOLD GH that somehow the silver is not thrilling me! I find that silly because I am DYING for the regular pewter hardware again. Are there pics floating around here anywhere? I'm sure I'll change my mind!
  6. I've not been too keen on the Gold GH -- I tried on a Rouge Vermillion City at my local NM and found the bag to be HEAVY! I might change my mind, though, about Silver GH. I'd like to see it IRL before I make my final decision. :smile:
  7. I'm not seduced yet...but who knows ;)....
  8. Is there silver GH? I thought the concensus in that thread was that it is the poor colour balance that made the hardware look silver when it is actually gold. :shrugs:
  9. That's correct, I just posted the thread so you could get an idea of how it might look. Tried to explain, but I guess I wasn't clear enough ;)
  10. Yeah, I saw those pics and to my eyes that bag for sure has gold hardware, just funky lighting. I can't even see it as silver like everyone else does.
  11. I am the same way tabby!!! All of the sudden I am so excited to see it!!! I prefer silver over gold so maybe that's why I haven't been drawn to the gold GH. I also like to have differnt styles in my collection to keep me from getting bored so hopefully I will love it when I see it IRL!!!!
  12. Nope. I still call them nipples after hearing you say it the firt time.:shrugs: Am I hopeless?
  13. hmmm... i'd have to see it cause i can't get the gh out of my head.. not really feeling the gold too much
  14. I think it's an acquired taste for some?
    I opted for a regular hardware till I kept going back to NM to see the bags then.....I eventually fell in love and went with the GH city in marine..

    I CAN't WAIT for the silver GH to come!!