Help.. I'm being eaten alive.....

  1. Can someone please help... for the last 1-2 weeks I've been getting insect bites and don't know where they come from. They don't itch but when new, they're alittle sore to the touch. They're not flea bites. They come in clustres of 3-4 at a time, about 1 cm in diameter and aliitle red and raised (inflammation). The worst part is that they leave my skin hyperpigmented when they heal and for the summer.... it's not very attractive.
    My DH and 2 kids don't get bitten at all (Thank God).... it's just me. I've tried showering before bedtime, wearing long pants, keeping the covers on at night... and still... wake up with bites. Primarily on my belly and butt/ thigh areas.
    I am literally going crazy with all this... pleasse help. :sad:
  2. I suggest seeing a dermatologist or primary care physician immediately!!!
  3. it might be a spider, i have been getting the same bites. i think i had a spider in my bathing suit, the bites are awful...and take a long time to heal. i had picked the suit out of the hamper, and that evening i had awful bites on my butt and stomach. ewww!

    nothing ever bites my husband...ever. i think i just have good tasting skin to bugs...because i always get bit.
  4. I researched alot on google but they are def not bed bugs.... I tore up the place looking with a magnifying glass.... saw nothing. I vacumed the bed, the frame, the carpet... all crevices I could think of. Yet still.. that's what's so upsettign. And I never see bugs around the house either, trust me... I've been paying close attention too. Our house is only 1 year old and the community is also brand new so ???? I don't get it. Just went to the store and picked up a fogger, antihistamine cream, bug repellant... and made an appt with the doctor for Friday. What else????:confused1:
  5. That's what I keep telling myself =)
    I thought it was a spider too but I never see any at all. Also how would they crawl under my long PJ's to bite me on my butt? KWIM?
  6. Have you washed your sheets in hot water multiple times? That might help just in case any critters got in there.
  7. One other possibility is that they are chigger bites. Chiggers a very tiny bugs that live in the grass. They like to burrow under the skin in tight warm places like the bra or underwear line, but they can show up anywhere. The bites usually start off as a just an itch, but can become bigger and very red (almost like a scratch. These little critters are hard to avoid if you spend time outside in in the grass. The best way to get rid of them is to smother them by putting clear polish on the spot or Vaseline.
  8. Eek.. you think they're in my sheets? I ran upstairs and stared at my bed for 5 minutes and.... nothing. I change my bed sets once a week too. I will try to wash them in hot hot water this time though just in case... Thanks!:tup:
  9. Chuggie.. are you talking about putting nail polish or vaseline on the bite itself? My SIL told me to use Vaseline lotion to repel the bugs too. Don't know why that would work but she said she had used vaseline lotion on her DD last summer when she was attacked by bugs and it worked.
    Also I don't spend time in the grass at all. I'm at home with kids and am usually by the pool, in the mall or inside my house.
  10. Or it could be scabies?
  11. Could it possibly be an allergic reaction than it is insect bites? Are you wearing shorts or underwear that are other than cotton?

    My son has eczema and it appears all over his body from red dots to worse. I think much of it is digestive related and some of it is environmental related. I used to think it was heat rash but they are tiny, hard and bumpy.
  12. First of all...Thanks to all who replied. =) I went to bed last night with OFF! repellent sprayed all over my lower body, wore long PJs and guess what... no new bites. Oh and I heard from some pharmacists that taking Vit B1 also help ward off bugs so I took some last night also.
    I'm alos planning on fumigating my room tonight. If all that doesn't help... I'll give up. Geez... that would suck.
  13. Bugs in your BED??????

    Oh god.........YIKES!!
  14. Do you think they are mosquito bites? There is a creek by my house and mosquitoes have been known to come in our house at night at bite me. Especially in the summer because we will leave a window open to cool down the house. They always bite me and never my fiancé.