Help!! I'm Addicted!!

  1. Yes I Am!!! I'm addicted to this forum!!! I can't help it!! No one understands this passion other than all of you!!:girlsigh:

    I have to go and buy groceries my family can I'll be back later!!:rolleyes:

    oh name is Deborah :yes:
  2. Welcome to TPF! I too am addicted!!!
  3. Wecome Deborah!
    I am Carley and I am addicted to this forum too and Coach. I had to promise myself that I would clean house today before I would go check out the purse forum.
    Now I have completed the first step and admitted my addiction I back on the forum... I did clean the house a little. I picked up all the cat toys so that counts. heheh
  4. Welcome!

    I'm addicted too. Just so happy to have found a place to discuss my purses. No one I know understands it.
  5. Hi Deborah! Welcome to the addictive madness & enjoy... but not too much :nuts::lol:;):tup:
  6. I know I felt such a sense of relief when I found a place I could talk about my love of handbags and not get those smug and judgemental looks! Welcome and enjoy the forum.
  7. dont forget to save money for a purse!! haha
  8. Welcome! :flowers: I admit I am also an addict.. as in serious withdrawals if I cannot get on even for one day.. or one minute.. or one hour.. :rolleyes:
  9. Hi! I'm Chriss and I am also very much addicted to this forum! I love getting on here and chatting with all of you.:yes:
  10. Hi. I'm Jenn and I am a tPF and Coach addict :yes:
  11. I already love you. Welcome!

  12. Yay!! It's Purse Addicts Anonymous!!!:yahoo:
  13. I am TOTALLLLLLLLLLLLY addicted. Look at my post count and you will see how addicted I am.
  14. Hi, Deborah! I'm Jessica and I'm a tPF and severe Coach addict, too! If I'm not on tPF, I'm busy scouting my next Coach purchase! *LOL* No one understands my addiction better than everyone here! Glad you can join us!
  15. I LOVE coming here to talk about purses....I think I spend more time on here than I do doing anything else!!!!!